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Type de document : Livres Catégorie 40 : RELIGION Langue : EN
Titre du livre : TRAVELLERS IN HOPE
The story of Blessed Marcellin Champagnat and ... Founders of Society of Mary
Auteurs : Brother Frederick McMahon F.M.S. Editeur : ROMA Année : 01/04/1994
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Description du livre : The story of Blessed Marcellin Champagnat and his fellow Founders of the Society of MARY

This story of Blessed Marcellin Champagnat and his relationship with the other Founders and pioneers of the Society of Mary falls into three divisions. (...)

Livre en Anglais : l'histoire de Marcellin CHAMPAGNAT
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Superior General, to take religious vows, and to indulgences for the Third Order.
The Prefect of the Sacred Congregation, Card i II Odescalchi, gave Colin to understand that the wide scopc the Society, as envisaged, created difficulties. Odescalc then handed the affair to Cardinal Castracane, who \v placed in charge of the application. Castracane gave Colinl courteous, even warm welcome, but found it hard ta ta seriously the idea of an enormous Society of four brandi particularly the branch which was to be a confratern] aimed at bringing all the faithful under the protection Mary. Colin could see that his requests required c1ippillli nay, heavy pruning. Finally, he concentrated on attaiul the possible - that the Marist priests of the diocese of l.v and Belley be allowed, subject to the approval of 1 Il bishops. to elect a Superior, and that Indulgences granted to the various branches of the Society. Colt "possible", however, was not commensurate with t "permissible" set by the Sacred Congregation. (Photo 42)
Castracane's long report successfully demolishcd t structure of the Society of Mary. Out of pit y, howevct: recommended that permission be granted for the pri,' branch to elect a Superior and that Indulgences be gr; \ Il _ but to priests only. This recommendation was (1 approved by the Sacred Congregation. A letter to this l'I fi was to be sent to each of the two bishops, with significant addendum that the decision was subject 1 ( 1 approval of the bishops concerned.
Colin left Rome without hearing the decision (lI , Sacred Congregation of Bishops and Regulars. Perhap- Ih was just as well, for not only did it give hope to the M;lll~


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Presque excellent état, mais une dédicace sur la page de garde, une page est cornée, et la tranche est un peu salie.

Not brand new, but quite good state
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