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FICHE DU LIVRE D'OCCASION : Living and working in Australia

Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 401 Langue : EN
Living and working in Australia A survival Handbook

Auteurs : David Hampshire Editeur : SURVIVAL BOOK Edition : 01/01/2005

ISBN : 1—901130—80—0 Code-barre: 9781901130805
Format : H x L (en cm) Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 14.95
Description : SURVIVAL BOOK
Recommended and essential reading for anyone who is considering working in Australia.

Living cind Working in Austrauic, is essential reading for anyone planning to live or work in Australia and the most up-to-date source of practical information ovailcible about everyday life. ltÂ’s guaranteed to baston your introduction to the Australian way of life, and, most importantly, wilI save you time, trouble and money!
The best-selling and most comprehensive book about living and working in Australia since if was first pubUshed in 1998. Contains
twice as much information as similar books!

Sommaire : What readers have said about this and other Survival Books:
‘Recommended and essential reading for anyone who is
considering working in Australia.Â’
‘l’ve read o couple 0f other boaks aimed at wannabe Oz migrants and this one’s by the best. Tôpics include visas, health, educatian, finance, spart, motoring and much, much more.’
‘This boak is not a trovel guide but o practicai guide on how ta seflie dawn in Àustralia, includng haw ta get u drver’s license, where ta apply for o tax file number and even haw ta do o hoak turn in Mbourne. U has neyer steered me wrang and i’ve recammendM it ta many expat friends.’
‘Having read o number af publications of similar approach, I must admit that this ane is outstondinq. The information pravided not only cansiders almost every single aspect af living in Oz, but most importontiy, it’s spot-on and up ta date. David’s writing is fun and easy ta read and I would recommend this book ta anyone an the maye dawn under.’
‘If you are thinking of moving ta New Zeatand this is the book for yau. 0f ail the books about New Zealand l’ve bought, this is the only ane I stitt refer ta.’
‘I faund this a wonderful baak crammed with facts and figures. with a straightforward approach ta the problems and pitf ails you are iikely ta encounter. The whale iaced with humour and thoraugh understanding of what’s invotved. Gets my votel’
Ă€ gaad, thorough book that contains ail the info yau need to
knaw if yauÂ’re considering moving ta New Zealand.Â’
‘A must for ail future expats. I invested in severat books but this is the anly one you need. Every issue and concern is covered, every daft question yau have but are frightened ta ask is answered honestly withaut pulling any punches. HighIy recammended.’

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Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 401 Langue : EN
Christmas in AUSTRALIA

Auteurs : Malcom McGregor Text : Rob Walls Editeur : Malcom McGregor & Jeanni Wright Edition : 01/01/1990

ISBN : 0-09-169810-3 Code-barre: 9780091698102
Format : 35 x 25,5 cm Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 0.00
Description : Never before in Australia has such a coordinated visual record of a national celebration been attempted.
Sixty Australian photographers - both amateur and professional - recorder the celebration of Christmas in this land of searing summer heat and of tremendous contrast over its vast continental mass, from the lush green of tropical, monsoonal coasts to the droughy-strichen arid interior, to the beaches, the cities and the outback.
from the photographer who rescued his Pentax out of a crocodile-infested river, to another's seven hour saga in Melbourne's Cathedral to record one shot, you will experience in this book the skill and love of country of 60 very different individuals.
Culled from 15,000 shots, this volume provides the definitive record of how we Australians, old and new, celebrate Xhristmas
Sommaire : Grand et bel album de photos de différents points de l'Australie pendant les fêtes de Noël

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PAS DE CALAIS    NORD - PAS DE CALAIS Normandie    Normandie Normandie    Normandie Norvège    Norvège NorvĂ©gien    NorvĂ©gien Notices techniques d'appareils    Notices techniques d'appareils NOUVELLE CALEDONIE    NOUVELLE CALEDONIE NOUVELLE-CALEDONIE    NOUVELLE-CALEDONIE OCEANIE    OCEANIE OEUVRES-COMPLETES    OEUVRES-COMPLETES OEUVRES-COMPLETES-    OEUVRES-COMPLETES- Oise    Oise OSS 117 Jean BRUCE    OSS 117 Jean BRUCE Ouganda    Ouganda OUTRE-MER    OUTRE-MER PAKISTAN    PAKISTAN Paraguay    Paraguay parapsychologie    parapsychologie PARIS    PARIS Patrimoine et monuments    Patrimoine et monuments Pays Basque    Pays Basque Pays Basque    Pays Basque PAYS-DE-LOIRE    PAYS-DE-LOIRE PCM1 (mĂ©decine)    PCM1 (mĂ©decine) PĂŞche    PĂŞche PĂ©dagogie    PĂ©dagogie PĂ©dagogie-Formation    PĂ©dagogie-Formation Peintres, dessinateurs, tableaux, ...    Peintres, dessinateurs, tableaux, ... penture sur metal    penture sur metal PĂ©rou    PĂ©rou philosophie    philosophie philosophie    philosophie Philosophie, rĂ©flexions et idĂ©es    Philosophie, rĂ©flexions et idĂ©es PHOTOGRAPHIE    PHOTOGRAPHIE Piano    Piano Picardie    Picardie Pièces de théâtre    Pièces de théâtre PIERROT    PIERROT Planche Ă  Voile    Planche Ă  Voile Plantes et jardinage    Plantes et jardinage PlongĂ©e    PlongĂ©e PlongĂ©e sous-marine - 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ILE-DE-FRANCE    RĂ©gion Parisienne - ILE-DE-FRANCE RĂ©gion Pays de Loire    RĂ©gion Pays de Loire RELIGION    RELIGION RĂ©publique Dominicaine    RĂ©publique Dominicaine Revues - magazines    Revues - magazines Rhone - Lyonnais    Rhone - Lyonnais RHONE-ALPES    RHONE-ALPES roman    roman Roman de guerre    Roman de guerre Roman fantastique- de sciences fictions    Roman fantastique- de sciences fictions Roman-Historique    Roman-Historique Romans    Romans Romans de guerre    Romans de guerre Romans pour enfants : autres collections    Romans pour enfants : autres collections ROMANS-HUMORISTIQUE    ROMANS-HUMORISTIQUE ROMANS-HUMORISTIQUE    ROMANS-HUMORISTIQUE Roumain    Roumain Roumanie    Roumanie ROUSSILLON    ROUSSILLON route66 en HARLEY-DAVDSON    route66 en HARLEY-DAVDSON Russe    Russe RUSSIE - ex-URSS    RUSSIE - ex-URSS RWANDA    RWANDA Sahara et Maghreb    Sahara et Maghreb Saint-Etienne    Saint-Etienne SantĂ© et mĂ©decine    SantĂ© et mĂ©decine SAS    SAS Savoie    Savoie science-fiction    science-fiction Sciences    Sciences sciences de la vie & de la terre    sciences de la vie & de la terre Sciences et techniques    Sciences et techniques sciences et technologie    sciences et technologie Sciences humaines et psychologie    Sciences humaines et psychologie sciences occultes    sciences occultes Sciences sociales    Sciences sociales sciences-humaines    sciences-humaines Scoutisme    Scoutisme Seine et Marne    Seine et Marne Seine-Maritime    Seine-Maritime SENEGAL    SENEGAL serbe    serbe SERBO-DROATE (Serbe / Croate / Bosnien...)    SERBO-DROATE (Serbe / Croate / Bosnien...) 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