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FICHE DU LIVRE D'OCCASION : Street Atlas Cornwall

Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 562 Langue : FR
Street Atlas Cornwall Unique coprehensive coverage with time-saving through-routes

Auteurs : x Editeur : PHILIP'S Ordnance Survey Edition : 01/01/2003

ISBN : Code-barre: 9780540083299
Format : pocket Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 6.00
Description : Includes Tavistock, plus Plymouth city centre at extra large scale

Plan des villes de Cornouailles. 149 pages de plans de rues. Livre petit format
Sommaire : 00e0000
Key ta map pages
Route planning
Administrative und Postgode howduries
Key t. map symbols
Street maps at 1¼ inches o 1 me Street maps at 2½ inches ta 1 mite
Street mup of Plymouth clty centre cit 5 inches ta 1 mite
Index cf towns and villages
Index of streets, hospitals, industriat estates, railway
stations, schools, shopping centres, universities
and places of interest

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FICHE DU LIVRE D'OCCASION : The magic of Cornwall

Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 562 Langue : EN
The magic of Cornwall exploring the British Isles

Auteurs : John Dyson Editeur : READER'S DIGEST Edition : 01/01/2004

ISBN : 0-276-42971-0 Code-barre: 9780276429712
Format : H x L (en cm) Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 0.00
Description : Toute la Cornouailles dans un livre. Avec belles photos
Livre en Anglais
Sommaire : extrait d'une page :
perhaps England’s oldest street, an Iron Age mining settieinent bullt sorrie two thousand years ago. A much more recent historical site is to be found at Porthcurno, wherc international suhmarine telegraph and telephone cahies snake ashore from the deep Atiantic, the first laid in 1870, and there is a littie museum. Another place that was important in the history of communications is to be found at Poldhu Cove near The Lizard. Here you can walk to the Marconi Monument, near the spot from which the first transatiantic radio message was sent in 1901. And on Goonhilly Downs, flot far away, there is an activity centre and museum at the Earth Station where huge white dishes bounce telephone signais to and from satellites far overhead.
When I visited The Lizard it was wet and hiowing. The curious name of this peninsula, flat-topped and pointed like the bows of an immense ship, has nothing to do with reptiles, but is a corruption of an ancient Celtic name, Lis-ardh, meaning a fortrcss. The grey clouds driving low and fast off the sea brushed the siate rooftops and chimney pots of Lizard village, buffeting the cars anci coaches on the green where 1 parked. The street was deserted, the windows of the crowded teashops steamed up. Buttoned up in waterproofs, I set off down the nan-oW iane towards Church Cove.
While the highest branches of the hedgerow trees whippcd in the gale, at road level I was in perfect shelter and raindrops hung like perfect lenses on the tip of every wild-flower leaf and petal. The small and ancient cottages built solidly of stone, some painted white and most thatched. were nestied deep in the fold.s of mossy rocks and trees. On the low lintels of their front doors some had notices that I would see often in Cornwall: Mmd Your Ilead.
At the foot of the lane, opaque green water streaked with spume swashed in and out of the tiny cove, as devoid of human activity as it must have been through such storms k)r centuries past, the oniy signs of modem times a television aerial trembling on a chimney pot and die lurid pink of u fisherman’s net float. I took the coastal footpath through the hramhles along the side of the hill towards the south. Unexpectediy, what I came to was a lifeboat station.
As rnany as seven lifeboats were dotted around The Lizard in the old days, the greatest concentration in England. They were heavy, sea-tough utile vessels powered by scraps of sail and the bruie force of strong rnen heaving on long oars. The frst one had been established here in remote Kilcobben Cove in 1859 but was soon withdrawn. in 1961 research showed that only here couid a lifeboat bc launched in ail conditions, even on a day like this when surf seethed around the mamp emerging like a ski jurnp from the front of the new boathouse at the &xt of the cliff far helow. The other lifeboats were withdran and replaced by one modem vessel with powerful engines, built to withstand any weather. Jusi what that could mean 1 discovered when I walked on and roundcd another headiand. Bass Point.
The Charinel gale hit me full in the face. Ii seemed to force my mouth open, fui my cheeks and inflate my chest. Further on, the waist-high scrub on either side of the truck was sculpted by the wind into a streamlined curve, forming a tunnel where I squatted with only rny head sticking out, drinking in the spectacle.

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Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 562 Langue : EN
CORNWALL and the Isles of Scilly Places to see, things to do, drives, cyle rides, raod map PLUS 10 walks with ...

Auteurs : Ordnance Survey AA Editeur : AA Publishing Edition : 01/01/1996

ISBN : 0749511915 Code-barre: 9780749511913
Format : H x L (en cm) Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 7.00
Description : Guide (en Anglais) de la Cornoouailles, en Angleterre. Lieux a visiter, activités, excursions en voitures ou circuits a vélo ou à pied.
Sommaire : Classé par région de Cornouailles : South-East Cornwall North Cornwall Mid Cornwall The LIzard Peninsula The Lands'End peninsula Extrait scanné: Redruth ispn important focus for Cornwall’s industrial heritage CARN BREA: ANCIENT LANDSCAPE Redruth is overlooked by the rocky ridge of Carn Brea, which rises to 740 h (228 metres), its long spine punctuated by granite tors. The top of Carn Brea is reached by a rough track from near Carnkie, off the B3297 Helston road. It is believed to have been the site of a Neolithic encampment during the period 4000 to 2500ac, then Iron-Age occupation from about SOOBc saw the building of a huge walled enclosure (parts of which can still be traced) containing over 100 round houses. On top of the hill is a grim monument to local Victorian industrialist Sir Francis Basset. A Gothic folly, now a restaurant, is at the eastem end of the summit ridge. There is a network of patin throughout the area. 66 MID CORNWALL REDRUTH—THE RO REDIIUTH Map ref SW6942 Copper and tin mining created Redruth, and then abandoned it. But from the early lSth centusy until the middle of the l9th, Redruth was the true capital of Cornish mining. Redruth and the mining country that surrounds it is now recognised for the value of its industrial archaeology, and the area has been proposed as a World Heritage Site. Redruth’s association with mining probably dates from the earliest times. In those days the method of tin extraction which would have been used was tin- streaming, whereby tinners sifted through river sand and gravel for fragments of ore. The disturbance caused by tin-streaming released a red stain into rivers and streams and it was this red colour that gave Redruth its engaging name, although in odd reversal of what you would expect: red coming from ‘rhyd’ for ford, and ‘ruth’, meaning red. The town has some interesting architecture including Georgian, Victorian neo-Gothic, and art deco. There is much brickwork and some startling features such as the Italianate dock tower on the corner of Fore Street and Aima Place. Leading off Fore Street is Cross Street where there is a house with an outside staircase, once the home of William Murdock, a Scottish engineer and inventor who worked in Rcdruth during the late l8th century. Among his many achievements, Murdock developed a lighting system using coal gas, and his house in Cross Street was the first house in the world to be lit in this way (in 1872). TIff ROSELAND PENINSULA Map ref 5W8536 The name Roseland evokes serenity and colour. This beautiful peninsula seems to have stolen away from the rest of the county; there is a sense of entering another country, a minuscule peninsula, quietly detached from maitsstream Cornwall. Flanked on its eastern side by a rock-fringed coast curving north into Gerrans Bay, it is bordered on the west by the River Fal, with Mylor and Feock opposite. The vesy tip of The Roseland is pierced by the twisting Percuil River that cuts deeply inland to create even smaller peninsulas. The area is famous for the village of St Mawes, for St Mawes Castle and for the church of St Just-in-Roseland. A pleasant alternative to the main A3078 onto the peninsula, is to take the A39 southwards from Truro, the B3289, past Trelissick Gardens and then cross the Fal by the King Harry Ferry. Another satisfying approach is to take the passenger ferry from Falmouth to St Mawes. St Just-in-Roseland is an exquisite place, perhaps too accessible for its own good but irresistible. The church stands on the banks of a small creek, its mellowed stonework embedded in a garden of shrubs and graceful trees that include paims as well as indigenous broadleaves. On the promontory of land between Carrick Roads and the Percuil River stands St Mawes, deservedly popular and besieged with moored yachts in summer. On Castie Point to the west stands Henry Vill’s St Mawes Castie, a quiet triumph of good Tudor design over function and praised by Pevsner and the Cornish historian A L Rowse for its symmetry and decoration. You could have no worthier recommendation. On a bright, breezy day of deep blue skies, St Mawes Castie is invigorating rather than menacing. The outer arm of The Roseland terminates at Si Anthony Head (one of the National Trust properties on the peninsula) where there is a lighthouse and gun battery with an interesting history. On the east coast, further north, is Portscatho, open-faced to the sea and with good beaches nearby.

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Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 562 Langue : EN
ISLES OF SCILLY Standard guidebook

Auteurs : Bowley Publications Ltd Editeur : Bowley Publications Ltd Edition : 31/12/1969

ISBN : Code-barre:
Format : small Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 1.00
Description : Small guidebook with illustrations, plan, informations, and advertising!
Sommaire :

49th Edition

RL ~
Author of The Fortunare L~[~:~e S:: ~he Isles of Scilly

T 11E Isles of Sciliv consot of c:~i: :f s:~ :s.s:.~
uninhabited, smaller islands sItja~e~ -~e~: ~ies ~c,rt-~: -~cs: ~f
Land’s End. Thev are verv small the Ia~gee ~ S: Ma~ e. :r ~ess
miles across at its widest part and oniv ten miles aroun~ rs ~œ~i~e
visitor, Scilly offers early flowers which are the isiands pnnc~pa~ exp:c~ a~x~
a mild ciimate, which makes their growth possible; in summer. the ~i~nc: ~ac
enjoy sea, sun, sand, and relative solitude. For the holidaymaker. the smali nze of
the islands possesses several advantages: there is more coastiine to explore than in
any mainland seaside resort; the beaches are uncrowded because there are so many
from which to choose; and even on a breezy day sheiter can always be found close
at hand on a leeward shore.
The sea-water is rather cold for bathing, especialiy early in the year, but very
inviting in appearance. in strong sunlight its colour is blue, for Scilly lies outside the
boreal region around most of the Engiish coast where the sea teems with plankton
which, together with finely-suspended minerai particles, gives a duil greenish hue
to the sea. The water around Scilly is also crystal clear because it is free from the
discolouring effects of muddy rivers and, when the surface is still, it is so
transparent that the sea-bed is often visible at depths of several fathoms ideai for
underwater swimming. The transiucency of the water is matched by the clarity of
the atmosphere, free from pollution by smoke and dust. As a resuit the sunlight is
often very bright, and this helps to account for some of the giorious colourings in
Sciily. But caution is advisable when sunbathing, for sait, sea breezes may luli sorne
visitors into a false sense of security ieading to rash exposure and painfui buras.
Sciily’s beaches are very clean compared with most mainiand beachee.
many have fine white sand which ghstens siiver in the sunlight. The sana ut
beaches is so fine that it was atone time exported from the islands a:~ usez
ink before biotting paper had been invented. The beaches ‘.ar~. :~: eue
steepiy and are ideai for bathing, while on others it is possi~r s: ~ ci~
waik neariy haif a mile out to sea on dry sand. Mar~ ~a±es airt
rewarding for the large number and vanetv r :~
cowries) which can be found when beachcun±us u~rnr tte —~t~ ~tt~ ~
there is an interesting collection ofthea :—
From ail thebeaches in ScilIv ha:h:nc u :~: — ~
at high tide. The two places ~he~r :su: t ~ fr:~ ~
* Sirictly six, if ihe Guz~. :‘
from Si. Agnes. The niz’ae: :

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Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 562 Langue : EN
hevva! Cornish Fishing in the Days of Sail

Auteurs : K. HARRIS Editeur : DYLLANSOW TRURAN Edition : 01/01/1884

ISBN : 0907566-65-0 Code-barre:
Format : H x L (en cm) Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 3.00
Description : Hevva! was the cry that echoed from cliff-tops as the great pilchard
shoals were sighted, ‘a stain of red, purple and silver in the water’. This
was the cati of the ‘huer’, summoning fishermen in their boats in the
bountifut days of the Cornish fishing industry, now long passed.

In his book, Keith Harris describes life and work in an age when
Cornwatl’s prosperity Iargety depended upon the skill of its fishermen
harvesting the migrant shoats that seasonally passed their shores. No
romantic figures these, but ‘hard men bred by hard conditions’ sailing in
vessels ‘built to tast and built in work’. Nonetheless, much folklore, verse,
and many traditions remain, here collected and recounted by the author
whose own striking illustrations accompany the weII-researched text.

The cover picture is taken from the painting ‘Tucking a School of
Pilchards by Percy Craft — reproduced by kind permission of Penzance
Town Council
Sommaire : List of ilustrations .
introduction and Background
Development of the Lugger
The West Cornwaii Lugger
Luggers of East Cornwali
Handiine Fishing
Cornish Gigs
Support Industries and Living Conditions
Pilchard Fishing with the Seine-net
Fishing Nets — Construction and Care
Crabs, Lobsters, Crayfish and Other Sheiffish
Spear Fishing
The Tithe System
Fatmos and the Arrivai of Steam
Rhymes and Sayings
Superstitions and Omens

Disaster and Loss of Life at Sea
Famous Voyages by Cornish Fishing Boats
Poems About Fishing
Fish and Fishing on the Cornish Coast

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FICHE DU LIVRE D'OCCASION : Smuggling in Devon & Cornwall 1700-1850

Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 562 Langue : EN
Smuggling in Devon & Cornwall 1700-1850 La contrebande en Cornouailles et le Devon

Auteurs : Mary Waugh Editeur : Countryside Books Edition : 01/01/1999

ISBN : 1853061131 Code-barre: 9781853061134
Format : H x L (en cm) Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 9.95
Description :


The rugged coastiine ofDevon and Cornwall has long been associated
with smuggling. The high cliifs, secret coves and hidden villages made it
difficuit and dangerous for the land based Revenue Services to patrol
effectively. Atsea, the preventive services were up against smugglers’ craft
like the formidable armed luggers ofup to 250 tons. These vessels were
built for speed and manned with expertise and reckless bravery by the
illicit traders. Many ships were sunk and lives lost in the struggle, but
fortunes were at stake. A smuggler’s cargo could be worth from £2,000 to
£10,000, at a time when a labouring man’s earnings were no more than
£20 ayear.
During its heyday, the black economy was a profitable business,
embracing a huge range ofdutiable luxuries including lace, silks, tea and
spirits as well as more unorthodox cargo such as human hair and
childrens toys. At one stage, haif of all the brandy being smuggled into
England and Wales came in along the coasts of Devon and Cornwall.
Today’s fishing villages and holiday beaches were once the back-
ground for conspiracy, intimidation and murder. One such site is Prussia
Cove, stronghold of the infamous Carter family, where eightsix-pounder
guns protected their cache of huge quantities of brandy, gin and rum.
The men who organised the smuggling were well known and largely
condoned by the local. communities who stood to gain from their
activities. Lawful pursuits such as fishing provided a cover and offered
secure hiding places like the fish cellars in Mevagissey and mine workings
in St.Just.
Mary Waugh describes the industry in detail along each section of the
coast, explaining the methods used and introducing the characters
involved. For those wishing to follow the various smuggling tracks for
themselves there are suggestions for places to visit after each chapter.
Mary Waugh is the author of Smuggling in Kent and Sussex 1700-1840 a
companion volume in this series.
Her book is a fa.scinating study of a trade which even today is remem-
bered with awe tinged with more than a littie affection.
ISBN 1—85306—113—1
9 781853061134

Sommaire : Livre sur le passé de la contrebande sur les côtes du Sud-Ouest de l'Angleterre, Devon et Cornwall

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Cornwall-Cornouailles Cartes postales anciennes et modernes. Annonces gratuites pour vendre, acheter, échanges de collectionneurs
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Langue étrangère    Français - Langue étrangère FRANCE    FRANCE franchise    franchise GAELIC    GAELIC GARD    GARD Généalogie    Généalogie Géographie    Géographie geographie    geographie Géorgie    Géorgie Gers    Gers Gironde    Gironde Grande-Bretagne Royaume-Uni    Grande-Bretagne Royaume-Uni Grec    Grec GRECE    GRECE Guerre 1914-1918    Guerre 1914-1918 Guerre 1939-1945 World-War 2    Guerre 1939-1945 World-War 2 Guerre d'Algerie    Guerre d'Algerie Guerre d'Espagne    Guerre d'Espagne Guerre et soldats    Guerre et soldats Guides juridiques    Guides juridiques GYMNASTIQUE    GYMNASTIQUE harlequin    harlequin Haute-Garonne    Haute-Garonne HAUTE-LOIRE    HAUTE-LOIRE Haute-Savoie    Haute-Savoie Hautes-Alpes    Hautes-Alpes Hautes-Pyrénées    Hautes-Pyrénées HAUTS-de-SEINE    HAUTS-de-SEINE HAWAI'I    HAWAI'I Hébreu    Hébreu Hébreu    Hébreu Hérault    Hérault HISTOIRE    HISTOIRE Histoire de France avant 1789    Histoire de France avant 1789 HISTOIRE DE FRANCE XXème siècle    HISTOIRE DE FRANCE XXème siècle Histoire du XXème Siècle    Histoire du XXème Siècle Histoire, soldats et biographies    Histoire, soldats et biographies histoire-de-la-population    histoire-de-la-population Hollande Pays-Bas    Hollande Pays-Bas Hong-Kong    Hong-Kong HONGRIE    HONGRIE Hongrois    Hongrois Humour    Humour HYGIENE-DE-VIE    HYGIENE-DE-VIE Ile de de La Réunion    Ile de de La Réunion Ille-et-Vilaine    Ille-et-Vilaine Imagiers - livres pour les tout petits    Imagiers - livres pour les tout petits Inde    Inde Indiens    Indiens INDOCHINE et extreme-orient    INDOCHINE et extreme-orient Indochine et présence francaise en extrème orient    Indochine et présence francaise en extrème orient Indonesie    Indonesie Indonésien    Indonésien INDRE    INDRE Informatique    Informatique Informatique    Informatique Informatique    Informatique Informatique - logiciels et internet - programmation    Informatique - logiciels et internet - programmation inquisition-espagnloe    inquisition-espagnloe Insectes    Insectes Internet    Internet IRAK    IRAK IRAN    IRAN IRAN    IRAN IRLANDE    IRLANDE IRLANDE    IRLANDE ISERE    ISERE Islandais    Islandais ISLANDE    ISLANDE ISRAEL    ISRAEL ITALIE    ITALIE Italien    Italien JAPON    JAPON Japonais    Japonais JEUX-RPG    JEUX-RPG Jordanie    Jordanie JURA    JURA JURA FRANCHE-COMTE    JURA FRANCHE-COMTE KOWEIT    KOWEIT L'école des loisirs    L'école des loisirs La boite a outils    La boite a outils LA REUNION    LA REUNION La révolution française    La révolution française LA-GRANDE-AVENTURE-DE-LA-MER    LA-GRANDE-AVENTURE-DE-LA-MER Languedoc    Languedoc LANGUEDOC-ROUSSILLON    LANGUEDOC-ROUSSILLON Langues et dialectes d'Afrique    Langues et dialectes d'Afrique Laos    Laos LE-TRAGING    LE-TRAGING LECON-DE-DE-COURAGE    LECON-DE-DE-COURAGE Lectures classiques    Lectures classiques légendes    légendes légendes    légendes les océans la mer    les océans la mer Les Petites Découvertes de Moustilou    Les Petites Découvertes de Moustilou LIBAN    LIBAN LIMOUSIN    LIMOUSIN Linux    Linux lithotherapie    lithotherapie Littérature    Littérature Littérature américaine    Littérature américaine Littérature classique    Littérature classique LITTERATURE-FANTASTIQUE    LITTERATURE-FANTASTIQUE litterature-fantastique    litterature-fantastique LITTERATURE-SENTIMENTALE    LITTERATURE-SENTIMENTALE Lituanie    Lituanie livre de poche    livre de poche livre philosophique    livre philosophique livre trés anciens    livre trés anciens LIVRE-ANCIEN    LIVRE-ANCIEN Livres    Livres Livres anciens    Livres anciens livres anciens    livres anciens Livres anciens entre 1700 et 1799    Livres anciens entre 1700 et 1799 Livres anciens entre 1800 et 1899    Livres anciens entre 1800 et 1899 Livres pour enfants    Livres pour enfants LIVRES SCOLAIRES    LIVRES SCOLAIRES LIVRES SCOLAIRES ANCIENS    LIVRES SCOLAIRES ANCIENS Livres sur la résistance    Livres sur la résistance LIVRES-ANCIENS    LIVRES-ANCIENS Livres-anciens-reedition    Livres-anciens-reedition Livres-sur-la-BD-les-dessinateurs-et-l-histoire-de-la-bande-    Livres-sur-la-BD-les-dessinateurs-et-l-histoire-de-la-bande- LOGICIELS    LOGICIELS Logiciels de Bureautique    Logiciels de Bureautique LOIRE    LOIRE Loire-Atlantique    Loire-Atlantique Loiret    Loiret LOISIRS    LOISIRS Loisirs et nature    Loisirs et nature Londres    Londres LORRAINE    LORRAINE Lorraine    Lorraine Lot - Quercy    Lot - Quercy Luxembourg    Luxembourg LYON    LYON MADAGASCAR    MADAGASCAR MALAIS-ET-MALAISIEN    MALAIS-ET-MALAISIEN MALDIVES    MALDIVES Malte    Malte Maroc    Maroc Martine    Martine Mathématiques    Mathématiques Matiers-et-industries    Matiers-et-industries Mayenne    Mayenne MAYOTTE    MAYOTTE MEDECINE SANTE    MEDECINE SANTE medium    medium Métiers    Métiers MEXIQUE    MEXIQUE Midi-Pyrénées    Midi-Pyrénées Mines    Mines Missionnaires-et-personnages    Missionnaires-et-personnages MISSIONNAIRES-SAINTS-PERSONNAGES-RELIGIEUX    MISSIONNAIRES-SAINTS-PERSONNAGES-RELIGIEUX MODE-D-EMPLOI-ET-NOTICES-TECHNIQUE-D-APPAREILS    MODE-D-EMPLOI-ET-NOTICES-TECHNIQUE-D-APPAREILS Monde - Planète et plusieurs continents    Monde - Planète et plusieurs continents MONGOLIE    MONGOLIE Montagne : les Alpes    Montagne : les Alpes Morbihan    Morbihan MOSCOU    MOSCOU MOSELLE    MOSELLE MOYEN-ORIENT    MOYEN-ORIENT Multi-matières    Multi-matières Musique, musiciens, instruments et partitions    Musique, musiciens, instruments et partitions Nature    Nature Neerlandais    Neerlandais NEPAL    NEPAL NIGERIA    NIGERIA Non classés en attente de classement    Non classés en attente de classement NORD - PAS DE CALAIS    NORD - PAS DE CALAIS Normandie    Normandie Normandie    Normandie Norvège    Norvège Norvégien    Norvégien Notices techniques d'appareils    Notices techniques d'appareils NOUVELLE CALEDONIE    NOUVELLE CALEDONIE NOUVELLE-CALEDONIE    NOUVELLE-CALEDONIE OCEANIE    OCEANIE OEUVRES-COMPLETES    OEUVRES-COMPLETES OEUVRES-COMPLETES-    OEUVRES-COMPLETES- Oise    Oise OSS 117 Jean BRUCE    OSS 117 Jean BRUCE Ouganda    Ouganda OUTRE-MER    OUTRE-MER PAKISTAN    PAKISTAN Paraguay    Paraguay parapsychologie    parapsychologie PARIS    PARIS Patrimoine et monuments    Patrimoine et monuments Pays Basque    Pays Basque Pays Basque    Pays Basque PAYS-DE-LOIRE    PAYS-DE-LOIRE PCM1 (médecine)    PCM1 (médecine) Pêche    Pêche Pédagogie    Pédagogie Pédagogie-Formation    Pédagogie-Formation Peintres, dessinateurs, tableaux, ...    Peintres, dessinateurs, tableaux, ... penture sur metal    penture sur metal Pérou    Pérou philosophie    philosophie philosophie    philosophie Philosophie, réflexions et idées    Philosophie, réflexions et idées PHOTOGRAPHIE    PHOTOGRAPHIE Piano    Piano Picardie    Picardie Pièces de théâtre    Pièces de théâtre PIERROT    PIERROT Planche à Voile    Planche à Voile Plantes et jardinage    Plantes et jardinage Plongée    Plongée Plongée sous-marine - Sports subquatiques    Plongée sous-marine - Sports subquatiques Poésie    Poésie Poissons    Poissons POITOU-CHARENTES    POITOU-CHARENTES policier    policier policier thriller    policier thriller Policiers    Policiers Politique    Politique Pologne    Pologne Polonais    Polonais Polynésie - Tahiti    Polynésie - Tahiti Portugais    Portugais PORTUGAL    PORTUGAL Premiers-secours-First-aid    Premiers-secours-First-aid préparation aux concours    préparation aux concours Préparation de CONCOURS et EXAMENS    Préparation de CONCOURS et EXAMENS Presse-edition-et-magazines    Presse-edition-et-magazines Provence-Alpes-Cote D'AZUR    Provence-Alpes-Cote D'AZUR PSYCHOLOGIE    PSYCHOLOGIE PSYCHOLOGIE    PSYCHOLOGIE Psychologie Relations sociales    Psychologie Relations sociales PUY-DE-DOME en Auvergne    PUY-DE-DOME en Auvergne Pyrenees    Pyrenees Quebec    Quebec Randonnee    Randonnee RECITS HISTOIRE ET BIOGRAPHIES    RECITS HISTOIRE ET BIOGRAPHIES Recits-Vecu-Souvenirs    Recits-Vecu-Souvenirs recueil-de-chants    recueil-de-chants Réflexions philosophiques    Réflexions philosophiques région Nord-Pas-de-Calais    région Nord-Pas-de-Calais Région Parisienne - ILE-DE-FRANCE    Région Parisienne - ILE-DE-FRANCE Région Pays de Loire    Région Pays de Loire RELIGION    RELIGION République Dominicaine    République Dominicaine Revues - magazines    Revues - magazines Rhone - Lyonnais    Rhone - Lyonnais RHONE-ALPES    RHONE-ALPES roman    roman Roman de guerre    Roman de guerre Roman fantastique- de sciences fictions    Roman fantastique- de sciences fictions Roman-Historique    Roman-Historique Romans    Romans Romans de guerre    Romans de guerre Romans pour enfants : autres collections    Romans pour enfants : autres collections ROMANS-HUMORISTIQUE    ROMANS-HUMORISTIQUE ROMANS-HUMORISTIQUE    ROMANS-HUMORISTIQUE Roumain    Roumain Roumanie    Roumanie ROUSSILLON    ROUSSILLON route66 en HARLEY-DAVDSON    route66 en HARLEY-DAVDSON Russe    Russe RUSSIE - ex-URSS    RUSSIE - ex-URSS RWANDA    RWANDA Sahara et Maghreb    Sahara et Maghreb Saint-Etienne    Saint-Etienne Santé et médecine    Santé et médecine SAS    SAS Savoie    Savoie science-fiction    science-fiction Sciences    Sciences sciences de la vie & de la terre    sciences de la vie & de la terre Sciences et techniques    Sciences et techniques sciences et technologie    sciences et technologie Sciences humaines et psychologie    Sciences humaines et psychologie sciences occultes    sciences occultes Sciences sociales    Sciences sociales sciences-humaines    sciences-humaines Scoutisme    Scoutisme Seine et Marne    Seine et Marne Seine-Maritime    Seine-Maritime SENEGAL    SENEGAL serbe    serbe SERBO-DROATE (Serbe / Croate / Bosnien...)    SERBO-DROATE (Serbe / Croate / Bosnien...) SERIE NOIRE    SERIE NOIRE SERIE NOIRE    SERIE NOIRE services secrets - renseignement et espionage    services secrets - renseignement et espionage SERVICES-SECRETS    SERVICES-SECRETS seuil policier    seuil policier SICILE    SICILE Ski et sports de montagne    Ski et sports de montagne Slovaquie    Slovaquie SLOVAQUIE    SLOVAQUIE Slovénie    Slovénie Société et politique    Société et politique soins-veterinaires    soins-veterinaires SOMME    SOMME spiritisme    spiritisme Sports    Sports SRI-LANKA Ceylan    SRI-LANKA Ceylan SUEDE    SUEDE SUEDOIS    SUEDOIS SUISSE    SUISSE Suspens/ Thriller    Suspens/ Thriller SYRIE    SYRIE Tahiti et Polynésie    Tahiti et Polynésie TAIWAN    TAIWAN tarot    tarot TARZAN    TARZAN TCHAD    TCHAD Tchécoslovaquie - République Tchèque Tchéquie et Slovaquie    Tchécoslovaquie - République Tchèque Tchéquie et Slovaquie TCHEQUE-ET-SLOVAQUE    TCHEQUE-ET-SLOVAQUE Tchéquie - République Tchèque    Tchéquie - République Tchèque Télévision, radio, et médias    Télévision, radio, et médias Tennis    Tennis Territoire de Belfort    Territoire de Belfort Thailande    Thailande Théatre    Théatre Thriller    Thriller thriller    thriller TIBET    TIBET TINTIN    TINTIN TRAITE SCIENCES POLITIQUE    TRAITE SCIENCES POLITIQUE Transport fluvial    Transport fluvial TRANSPORT-LOGISTIQUE    TRANSPORT-LOGISTIQUE TRANSPORTS    TRANSPORTS Transports maritimes - Mer - Voile et bateaux à moteur    Transports maritimes - Mer - Voile et bateaux à moteur Travaux - artisanat    Travaux - artisanat Travaux manuels    Travaux manuels Tunisie    Tunisie Turc    Turc Turquie    Turquie UKRAINE    UKRAINE Un cheval, des chevaux    Un cheval, des chevaux UNION FRANCAISE ALGERIE FRANCAISE AOF ET COLONIES    UNION FRANCAISE ALGERIE FRANCAISE AOF ET COLONIES URUGUAY    URUGUAY USA United States of America    USA United States of America VAR    VAR VAUCLUSE    VAUCLUSE Vendée    Vendée Venezuela    Venezuela Vie quotidienne    Vie quotidienne VIETNAM    VIETNAM VIETNAMIEN    VIETNAMIEN Vins    Vins Vosges    Vosges VOYAGE    VOYAGE Voyages    Voyages Voyages et hébergements    Voyages et hébergements Walt Disney    Walt Disney WRILL-Hebdomadaire-des-Jeunes    WRILL-Hebdomadaire-des-Jeunes YONNE    YONNE Zambie    Zambie ZORRO    ZORRO livre d'occasion guide touristique plan de villes cartes routières et livres scolaires d'occasion neuf livres moitié prix pas cher bouquins anciens ou rares. 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