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FICHE DU LIVRE D'OCCASION : GCSE ICT Information Communication Technology

Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 568 Langue : EN
GCSE ICT Information Communication Technology The Revision Guide

Auteurs : CGP Editeur : CGP Edition : 01/01/2008

ISBN : 9781847621726 Code-barre: 9781847621726
Format : A4 Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 0.00
Description : Livre en anglais pour réviser l'ICT (Informatique et communication) pour le GCSE en Angleterre. Edité par Coordination Group Publications.
It's another Qua//ty Book frein CGP
This book is for anyone doing GCSE /C7:
Whatever subject you're doing les the same
°kit stoty — there are /ots of facts and you'yejust
got to /earn them. /CT is no different.
Happily Mis CGP book gives you al/ that important
information as c/ear/y and concise/y as possib/e.
les a/so got some dalft bits in to t'y to make the who/e
experience at /east vague/y entertaining for you.
What CGT' is ai/ about
Our sole aim here at CGP is to produce the highest quality books
— carefully written, immaculately presented and dangerously
close to being funny.
Then we work our socks off to get them out to you
— at the cheapest possible prices.

Sommaire : Contents
Data 1
Computer Systems 2
Computerised Manual Systems 3
Types of Computer 4
Networks — LANs and WANs 5
Networks — Different Configurations 6
Network Security 7
Revision Summary 8
Input Devices 9
PAGE 12 — The CPU 12
Output Devices — Printers 13
Output Devices — More Printers 14
Other Kinds of Output Device 15
Data Storage — ROM and RAM 17
Data Storage — Backing Storage 18
Operating Systems — Main Tasks 20
Operating Systems — User Interfaces 21
Revision Summary 22
Data Capture 23
Data Capture — Form Design 24
Data Validation and Verification 25
Data Storage 26
Data Processing 27
Accessing and Updating Data 28
Data Presentation 29
Revision Summary 30
Step One — Identify the Problem 31
Analysis — The Feasibility Study 32
Design — Input, Process, Output 33
Design — Top-Down and Data-Flow 34
Design — System Flowcharts 35
Testing and User Documentation 36
Implementation and Evaluation 37
Revision Summary 38
Word Processing Basics 39
Text FormaHing and Editing 40
Improving Presentation 41
Word Processing — Advanced Features 42
7eaphics — Creating Images 44
Dhics — Manipulating Vector Images 45
es — Manipulating Bitmap Images 46
— Computer-Aided Design 48
erop Publishing — Basics 49
— Worng with Frames 50
-tefion Software 51
r Q.trnrnary 53
Spreadsheets — The Basics 54
Spreadsheets — Creating and Improving 55
Spreadsheets — Simple Formulas 56
Spreadsheets — The Trickier Stuff 57
Spreadsheets — Graphs and Charts 58
Databases — Creating One 59
Databases — Sorts and Queries 60
Databases — Reports 61
Revision Summary 62
Measurement — Data Logging 63
Logging Period and Logging Interval 64
Control — Basic Systems 65
Control Systems — Two Examples 66
Process Control and Control Language 67
Modelling and Simulations — Basic Stuff 68
Spreadsheet Models and Simulations 69
Simulations — Flight Simulators 70
Revision Summary 71
Internet Basics 72
E-Mail 73
Using the World Wide Web — Navigating 74
Navigating and Downloading 75
Web Page Design 76
Using the Internet — Data Security 77
User-Generated Content 78
Social Networking 80
Online Audio and Video 82
Online Software 83
Revision Summary 84
Computers in Shops 85
Computers in Banks 86
Computers at Work — The Electronic Office 87
Computers in Schools 88
Cars and Traffic Management Systems 89
Computers in the Home 90
Computer Applications — Other Stuff 91
Revision Summary 92
Computers and the Law 93
Computers and the Workplace 94
Computer Use — Health and Safety Issues 95
Social, Moral and Ethical Issues 96
Revision Summary 98
Index 99

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FICHE DU LIVRE D'OCCASION : International Business English - Workbook

Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 568 Langue : EN
International Business English - Workbook A course in communication skills

Auteurs : Leo Jones and Richard Alexander Editeur : Cambridge University Presse Edition : 01/01/1991

ISBN : 0-521-36958-4 Code-barre: 9780521369589
Format : Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 0.00
Description : Livre d'exercices correspondant au livre de cours ayant le même titre.
Anglais Business international

International Business English
International Business English is a course in communication skills for people who need Fnglish in their dav-to-dav work. It concentrates on English as a means of international communication, taking intermediate learners to upperintermediate level and developing relevant skills through a \vide range of stimulating and realistic communicative activities.
This Workbook, and the accompanying Self-Study Cassette Set (containing two cassettes) are an integral part of International Business English, consolidating and extending the work that is done in the Student's Book.
Each unit in the Workbook contains:
* follow up grammar exercises
* functions or reading aloud exercises
* work on essential business vocahulary
* business-related listening comprehension tasks The Workbook material also provides:
* practice in writing letters, telexes, reports, etc.
* work on prepositions and word-building
International Business English consists of:
^ Student's Book
^ Workbook
^ Teacher's Book
^ Self-Study Cassette Set (2 cassettes)
^ Class Cassette Set (3 cassettes)
Cuver design hv DeadmaniStone
ISBN 0-521-36958-4
Cambridge • niversity ress

Sommaire : Contents
Introduction I
1 Face to face 4
2 Letters, telexes and memos 8
3 On the phone 16
4 Reports and summaries 22
5 The place of work 31
6 Import and expert 38
7 Money matters 49
8 Delivery and atter-sales 57
9 Visita and travel 65
10 Marketing and sales 75
11 Meetings 81
12 Operatlons and processes 90
13 A new job 97
14 Working together 107
15 Revision 114
Answer key 130
Acknowledgements 172

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FICHE DU LIVRE D'OCCASION : International Business English (Sudent's Book

Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 568 Langue : EN
International Business English (Sudent's Book A course in communication skills

Auteurs : Leo Jones and Richard Alexander Editeur : Cambridge University Presse Edition : 01/01/1991

ISBN : 0-521-40560-2 Code-barre: 9780521405607
Format : Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 0.00
Description : Avec lexique anglais-français

International Business English
Student's Book
International Business English is a flexible learner-centred course in communication skills for people who need English in their dayto-day work. Relevant language skills are developed through a wide range of stimulating, realistic communicative activities, and
exercises which are challenging and creative. The course is suitable for both a broad range of intermediate and more advanced learners.
International Business English
* is set in the modern international business and commercial world
* thoroughly covers essential business tasks: writing letters, reports, memos, notes, telexes, electronic mail and faxes; phone calls and face-to-face meetings; listening to English in business situations, etc.
* integrates skills in realistic business contexts, as well as focusing on writing, reading, speaking and listening as individual skills
* contains essential and enjoyable grammar revision
* provides practice in pronunciation, and includes recordings of English speakers with a wide range of international English accents
* has been thoroughly researched, developed and piloted to meet the complete needs of today's business English user, and provides ideal preparation for qualifications such as the ICC Certificate in English for Business Purposes
International Business English consists of:
^ Student's Book
^ Workbook
^ Teacher's Book
111 Self-Study Cassette Set (2 cassettes)
^ Class Cassette Set (3 cassettes)
Cover design by Deadman/Stone
ISBN 0-52 -40560-2
Cambridge University Press

Sommaire : Contents
Thanks iv
Introduction I
1 Face to face 3
2 Letters, telexes and memos 11
3 On the phone 23
4 Reports and summaries 31
5 The place of work 42
6 Import and export 55
7 Money matters 70
8 Delivery and after-sales 87
9 Visits and travel 99
10 Marketing and sales 120
11 Meetings 137
12 Operations and processes 146
13 A new job 163
14 Working together 177
15 A special project 190
Files 195
Acknowledgements 236 Glossaire anglais — français 237 Abréviations 274
Glossaire fiches 278

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Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 568 Langue : EN

Auteurs : Dave Needham & Rob Dransfield Editeur : HEINELMANN GNVQ Edition : 01/01/1963

ISBN : 0435452398 Code-barre: 9780435452391
Format : Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 0.00
Business Level 3 gins you all the information you need for the mandatory units of your GNVO course with each major section covering o unit. It is full of fascinating up-to-date case studies of how reol businesses plan, mobilise and control their resources os they face the problems and opportunities of the 1990s.
Business Level 3 aise offers you
• tosks ond case studies which tan form the basic of your portfolio of evidence
• structured and helpful storting points for studies of local businesses
• questions to help you prepore for the external tests
• opportunities to work in o group and to plan and monitor your own progress
Business Level 3 Sections
1 Business in the Economy
2 Business Systems
3 Marketing
4 Hunan Resources
5 Employment in the Market Economy
6 Financial Transactions and Monitoring
7 Financiol Resources
8 Business Planning
Business Level 3 will give you an excellent base for further study, a broad understonding of business, and the knowledge you need to succeed in the world of work.

Sommaire : CONTENTS
in the Economy
purposcs and products of business influences on die organisation estigating goods and services
strative systcnis
information technology in arions
tanding customer behaviour marketing cnvironment and cal marketing activitics
Employment in the Market IMemoiny
vi 13 Investigating employment
14 Influences on employment
15 Evaluation of business and workforce performance
1 Financial 1}ansartions and Monitoring
16 Financial transactions
17 Controlling documentation IX Business performance
130 Financial Reso urnes
19 Sources of finance
20 Controlling cash
2I Using costs for planning
22 Understanding financial statements
184 Basinessilanning 199
ring job applications ami
gating human rcsourcing 239 gating job roles in organisational 27
1 Test Questions Index
351 363 376
387. 404 413 432
23 Empara/g work and collecting data for a business plan 456
24 Producing and preseming a business
plan 472
25 Producing plans for marketing and
selling 482

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Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 568 Langue : EN
GCSE D1T FOOD TECHNOLOGY The revision guide

Auteurs : Marian Brown, Martin Chester, Editeur : CGP Edition : 01/01/2002

ISBN : 9781841467900 Code-barre: 9781841467900
Format : H x L (en cm) Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 4.50
Description : Livre synthèse pour réviser pour l'examen du GCSE (Classe de seconde en Angleterre) matière DT/Food Technology = cuisine
Sommaire : 0ROCESS
Design Brief . 1
Research 2
Design Specification 3
Generating Proposais 4
Development S
Evaluation 6
Manufacturer’s Spedfication 7
Planning Production 8
Revision Summary for Section One 9
Carbohydrates — Sugar 10
Carbohydrates — Starch 11
Carbohydrates — Cernais and P,our 12
Carbohydrates—Wheat 13
Proteins—Meat - 14
Proteins—RshaMAlte-natives .._ — ——-..—- 15
Vtamirisand Minerais 16
Fruit and Veqetab4es 17
FatsandOils 18
Dairy Produc 19
Eggs 20
Revision Summary for Section Two 21
Combining Ingredients 22
Different Types of Production 23
Food Contamination and Bacteria 24
Preservation 25
Setting up Simple HACCP 27
Domestic Fquipment 28
Industrial Equipment 29
Revision Summary for Section Three 30
Different Target Groups 31
Other Factors Affecting People’s Choices 32
Standard Food Components 33
Labelbng 34
Packaging 35
Revision Summary for Section Four
Evaluation and Development
Data Collection and Analysis
Presenting and Anal ysing Resuits
Product Anatysis
Control Systems and Feedback
Quality Contml and Assucanœ
Revision Summary for Sation Five
[__SEcrfoN Six — PavecrAcwcc j
Tips on Getting Startel ..
Tips on Developmeit
Tipson Ev&uation —
Tips on Presentation -. —
Digital Camera -..
SummaryChecklist. —

SEC 170W
Fooo Pc

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Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 568 Langue : EN
GCSE Double Science CHEMISTRY The Revision Guide Higher Level

Auteurs : Richard Parson Editeur : CGP Edition : 01/01/2003

ISBN : 184146502X Code-barre: 9781841465029
Format : H x L (en cm) Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 0.00
Description : Pour le GCSE anglais : Examboard AQA, Edexcel, OCR
Fifth edition for the 2003, 2004, 2005 exams
Sommaire :
Section O,,e — aassifving Materials
Solids, Liquids and Gases 1
Changes of State 2
Atoms 3
Atomic Number and Mass Number 4
Electron SheIls and Iomc Bonding 5
Covalent Bonding 6
Tonic Substances 7
Covalent Substances: Two Kinds ... 8
Metallic Structures 9
Elements, Compounds and Mixtures 10
Common Tests and Hazard Symbols .. .. 11
Revision Summary for Section One 12
Section Two — Earth Materials
Fractional Distillation of Crude Oit 13
Using Hydrocarbons 14
Cracking Hydrocarbons 15
AlkanesandAlkenes 16
Polymers and Plastics 17
Metal Ores From the Ground 18
Extracting iron — the Blast Fumace 19
Extracting Aluminium — Electrolysis 20
Purifying Copper by Electrolysis 21
Uses of The Three Common Me tais 22
Five Uses 0f Limestone 23
Making Ammonia: The Haber Process 24
Using Ammonia to Make Fertiiisers 25
Revision Sumrnary for Section Two 26
Section Three — Eguations
Nine Types ofChemical Change 27
Balancing Equations 28
Electrolysis and The Haif Equations 29
Relative Formula Mass 30
Two Formula Mass Caiculations 31
Calculating Masses in Reactions 32
Calcuiating Volumes 33
Electrolysis Calculations 34
The Mole 35
Revision Summary for Section Three 36

Section Four — Air and Rock
The Evolution of the Atmosphere 37
Todays Atmosphere and Oceans 38
The Carbon Cycle 39
Man-made Aimospheric Problems 40
The ThreeDifferent Types of Rocks -- ... 41
Sedimentary Rocks - 42
Metamorphic Rocks
Weathering and the Water Cycle
Plate Boundaries 46
Revision Summarv For Section Four 47
Section Five — Periodic Trends
A Brief History ofThe Periodic Table 48
The Periodic Table 49
Electron Arrangements 50
Group O — The Noble Gases . 51
Group I The Aikali Metais 52
Reactions of the Aikali Metals 53
Group VII— The Halogens 54
Reactions of The Halogens 55
Industrial Sait 56
Uses of Halogens and Sait Products 57
AcidsandAlkalis 58
Acids Reacting With Metals 59
Acids with Oxides and Hydroxides 60
Acids With Carbonates and Ammonia 61
Metals 62
Non-Metals 63
The Reactivity Senes of Metals ... 64
Transition Metais 65
Revision Summary for Section Five 66
Section Six — Reaction Rates
Rates of Reaction 67
Collision Theory 68
Four Experiments on Rate of Reaction I 69
Four Experiments on Rate of Reaction 2 70
Catalysts 71
Biological Cataiysts — Enzymes 72
Uses of Enzymes 73
Uses of Enzymes 2 74
Simple Reversible Reactions 75
Reversible Reactions in Equilibrium 76
The Haber Process Again 77
Energy Transfer in Retions 78
Energy Transfer in Reactions 79
Revision Summaiy for Section Six 80
Ans4 ers . 80

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Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 568 Langue : EN
GCSE Double Science BIOLOGY The Revision Guide Higher Level

Auteurs : Richard Parsons Editeur : CGP Edition : 31/12/1969

ISBN : 1841466026 Code-barre: 9781841466026
Format : H x L (en cm) Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 4.50
Description : Livre de revision de la Biology pour le GCSE
Ideal pour la D.N.L.
Sommaire : Section One —cei&7
Ceils, Tissues and Organ Sysytems 1
SpecialisedCells 2
Diffusion 3
Diffusion Through Celi Membranes 4
Active Uptake 5
Osmosis 6
Revision Summary for Section One 7
Section Two — Plants
Basic Plant Structure 8
Leaf Structure 9
The Transpiration Stream 10
Transport Systems in Plants 11
Photosynthesis 12
Altering the Rate of Photosynthe sis 13
Photosynthesis and Respiration 14
How Plants Use The Glucose 15
Minerais Needed For Healthy Growth 16
Growth Hormones in Plants 17
Commercial Use of Plant Hormones 18
Revision Summary For Section Two 19
Section Three — Hu,nan Biology I
The Digestive System 20
Digestive System Extras 21
Digestive Enzymes 22
Diffusion of ‘Food’ Molecules 23
The Circulatory System 24
Blood Vessels 25
The Heart 26
The Pumping Cycle 27
Blood 28
Lungs and Breathing 29
Alveoli, Celis and Diffusion 30
Respiration 31
Anaerobic Respiration — You and Yeast 32
The Nervous System 33
Neurones and Reflexes 34
The Eye 35
Revision Summary for Section Three 36
Section I’our — Humai, Bmloj.’j’
Hormones 37
Hormones in the Menstrual Cycle 38
Hormones — Insulin and Diabetes 40
Homeostasis 41
Skin and Temperature 42

Kidneys 43
Ultrafiltration and The Nephron 44
ADH — Anti Diuretic Hormone 45
Disease in Humans 46
Fighting Disease 47
Drugs 48
Revision Summai-y for Section Four 50
Section Five — Genetics aiidIi’olutiou
Variation in Plants and Animais 51
The Human Genome Project 53
Genetics: Too Many Fancy Words 54
Genes, Chromosomes and DNA 55
Ordinary Celi Division: Mitosis 56
DNA Replication in Mitosis 57
Gamete Production: Meiosis 58
Fertilisation: The Meeting of Gametes 59
The Work of Mendel 60
Girl or Boy? — X and Y Chromosomes 61
Monohybrid Crosses: Terminology 62
Monohybrid Crosses: Hamsters 63
Disorders Caused by Recessive Alleles 64
Disorders Caused by Dominant Alleles 65
Mutations 66
Natural Selection 68
Fossils 70
Evolution 71
Selective Breeding 72
Cloning 74
Genetic Engineering 75
Issues in Genetics 76
Revision Summary for Section Five 77
Six — E,,viron,ne,it I
Population Sizes 78
Adapt and Survive 79
Pyramids 0f Number and Biomass 80
Energy Transferand Efficient Food 81
Problems Caused By Farming 82
Managed Ecosystems 84
Conservation 85
Theres Too Many People 86
Atmospheric Pollution _ 87
The Greenhouse Effect .... — 88
Acid Ram ._______ 89
Decomposition and TI Crt. Cvde 90
The Nitrogen Cycle

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Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 568 Langue : EN
AS ICT AS SUCCESS Visual revision Guide TCT Information & Communication Technology

Auteurs : Jenny Lawson Editeur : LETTS Edition : 01/01/2003

ISBN : 1-84315-264-9 Code-barre: 9781843152644
Format : H x L (en cm) Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 5.99
Description : Livre d'informatique, niveau AS (=premiere)
Ideal pour la D.N.L.
Sommaire : Econtents
(Information: nature, raie and
Knowledge, information and data 4
The nature of data 6
Sources of data 8
value of information 10
Control of information 12
Social impact of ICT 14
Communications systems 16
The Internet 18
ICT capabilities and limitations 20
Information and the professional 21
Malpractice and crime 22
Software and data misuse 24
Health and safety 25
Exam-style questions 26
Data capture 28
Verification and validation 30
Organisation of data 32
Relational databases 34
Software — nature and types 36
Applications software 38
Word processing and DTP 40
Database queries and reports 42
Modelling software 44
Slideshow software 46
Processing data 48
Creating a document 50
Templates and toolbars 52
Graphic data 54
Graphic tools 56
Numeric data 58
Charts and graphs 60
Hardware 62
Non-keyboard input devices (NKID5) 64
Other input devices 66
Security of data 68

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Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 568 Langue : EN
GCSE SUCCESS Visual revision Guide ICT ICT Information & Comunication Technology

Auteurs : Sean O'Byrne Editeur : LETTS Edition : 01/01/2001

ISBN : 1-84085-602-5 Code-barre: 9781840856026
Format : H x L (en cm) Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 4.50
Description : 100s of pictures, full colour, Spidegrams, Exam questions

Livre de révison en anglais pour l'ICT (informatique) au GCSE

Ideal pour la D.N.L. Bureautique !!!
Sommaire : Corriputer Systems .4
Input and Output .6
Storage Devices and Media .8
The Cpu (Central Processing unit) 10
Bits and Bytes 12
lJetvvorks .14
Network Layouts and Network Software 16
Communication Methods 18
Data Transfer 20
Exarn Questions 22
Operating Systersis I 24
Operating Systems 2 26
Common Applications - Word Processing 28
Common Applications - Database Software 30
Common Applications - Database
Management Software 32
Common Applications — Spreadsheets 34
Common Applications — DTP and Graphics 36
Computer Models 38
Data Logglng and Control 40

______________ HARDWARE
50 FT WARE .1

Systems Development I
Systems Development 2
Systems Development 3
Algorithms and Flow Chai
Exam Questions
Compyters and Work..
Effects of Information
Health and Safety
Computer Misuse
Data Protection Act ........
Exam Questions
I using the Internet
features nf tko internet

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Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 568 Langue : EN
GCSE Business Studies Endorsed by ICAA

Auteurs : Diane Wallace and Stephanie Wallace Editeur : Heinemann Edition : 01/01/1998

ISBN : 0.435-45016-6 Code-barre: 9780435450166
Format : H x L (en cm) Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 0.00
Description : GCSE Business Studies bas been written speciaily for CCEA/ICAA’s new GCSE
in 8usiness Studies and matches the specifiàation exactiy
.Experienced teachers and examiners have written this book. They know how you wdl find t easiest to earn they also understand what t is you need ta know ta be successful h your GCSE.
Spectal features of the book inctude:
examples of 1mw mai organisations have coped With the prob{ems yau have been learning about
an opportunity foru and your class te share what
you know about business
a ist o? key points at:the end aV each topic. These wiIt .be useftE when you are revising for your exams
short, exam-style questions at the end ot each unit,
50 you can check whether you have understood the
structured questions similar ta those taund on GCSE exam papers. By answering these questions, flot only do you have flue opportunity ta apply the theory you have leaint to a business situation are aso abe tu prattise your examtdhnIque.
Ibis bock pubIished in col[aboration vQith 1CM. if; covers the CCEÂ/:ICM specification for GCSE Business Studies butitcah beusd ta §vppott atuyother GCSE Business Studi.escourse
Case studies hTalkitover
Key points
Test your
Exam practice

Sommaire : extrait du sommaire du livre...
Consumers, suppliers, goods and services 2
Types of economy 4
Production 6
People involved in business activity 8
Review 1 10
5 Business objectives 12
6 Sole traders 14
7 Partnerships 16
8 Private limited companies 18
9 Public lirnited companies 20
Review 2 22
10 Co-operatives 24
11 Franchises 26
12 Globalisation 28
13 The public sector 30
14 Management structures 32
15 Different organisational structures 34
Review 3 36
16 Local government influence 38
1 7 Central government influence 40
18 Pressure groups 42
19 International influences 44
Review 4 46
1 What is marketing? 48
2 Segmenting the market 50
3 Niche markets 52
4 Marketing mix 54
S Protecting the consumer 56
6 Voluntary codes of practice 58
7 Purposes and inethods of market research 60
8 Desk and fleld research 62
9 Sampling and questionnaÉ ‘-4
Review I
Topic 1

I () ‘lut pnidiici
I I I «lLwI 11k cycles
Il jhiiiid iiiiiiit’s
I Packaging
II Pricing methods
15 Other factors that affect prices
16 Demand and supply Revicw 2
17 Distribution
18 Retailers
1 9 Changes in chann1s of distribution
20 Methods of transport
21 Promotion
22 Advertising
23 Sales promotion Review 3
Topic 1 What motivates people to work?
2 Job satisfaction
3 Appraisal
4 Rewards for working
5 Payment systems
6 Employment Iaws Review I
7 Recruitment
8 Selection
9 Training
10 Terminating employment
11 Industrial relations
Review 2
12 The importance of communication
13 Methods of communication
14 Exai±iples of business documents
S Stock control
6 Quality control
7 Costs and revenue
8 Break-even Revkw 2
9 Size of the business
10 Methods of expansion
I I New technology
I 2 Location of business Review 3
I’ i
Assets and liabilities
4 Raising finance
5 Raising capital
6 Borrowing to raise finance
7 (‘hoosing sources of finance
8 Recording financial activities
L) ‘I’rading account
10 IroIit and loss account
Rcview 2
I •I •I
I ()
I 52
I ‘vi
I 56
I 58
I 6( I
I 62
I 1)1
I 6f)
I 6H
I 76
I t46
I L)(
I 92
I L)
I 9V
Iunctions of business finance
Financial forecasting
Review 1
I I Balance sheet
I 2 1 Using ratios to measure performance
I other ways of measuring performance Review 3

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FICHE DU LIVRE D'OCCASION : Business studies

Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 568 Langue : EN
Business studies Second edition

Auteurs : Dave Hall, Rob Jones, Carlo Raffo Editeur : IAN CHAMBERS AND DANE GRAY Edition : 01/01/2000

ISBN : 1-873929-90.0 Code-barre: 9781873929902
Format : H x L (en cm) Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 0.00
Description :
Business Studies (Second Edition) is a new edition of this bestselling textbook for AS/A level, Higher Grade, Advanced GNVQNocational A Level, higher educationand professional courses. It has been completely rewritten for the new AS/A level specifications and the new Higher Grade course in Business Management.
It provides comprehensive course coverage and includes over 500 questions and activities. The book represents an ideal package - textbook and workbook combined.
Business Studies (Second Edition) is divided into units. Each unit focuses on a topic. This allows courses to be constructed with complete flexibility. Units contain:
comprehensive content coverage explanatory diagrams
immediate application of knowledge and skills through questions and activities an extended case study question
key terms defining concepts flrst encountered in that unit summary short answer questions.
At the end 0f the book there is a section providing advice for students on study skills and assessment.
To allow flexibility in course construction and teaching Business Studies AS Level is available. It provides the AS Level units contained in Business Studies (Second Edition) in a separate book.
Business Studies Teachers’ Guide (Second Edition) is also available.
It contains a comprehensive set of suggested answers and mark schemes to questions in Business Studies (Second Edition) and Business Studies AS Level. It also provides guidance on course construction, assessment and key skills. It is produced in a wiro bound form and is designed 10 be photocopied.

Sommaire : Section 1 Objectives, strategy and the business environment
1 Business Activity 1
2 Setting up in Business 10
3 Business Stakeholders 18
4 Business Objectives and Strategy 28
5 Business Organisations in the Private Sector 37
6 Business Organisations in the Public Sector 47
7 isincss Organisation 57
8 Business and the Economic System 63
‘ Collecting, Presenting and Interpreting Data 72
10 Business L)ecision Making 82
11 Decision Trees 91
12 Analysing Data 97
13 Business Expansion 107
14 Corporate Culture 113
15 Strategy and Planning 1 119
le’ Strategy and Planning 2 127
Section 2 External influences
1’ The Market and Business
18 Competition and Business
19 The Labour Market and Business
20 Population and Business
21 Government, the Economy and Business Business and Consumer Protection
Inflation and Business
24 Unemployment and Business
25 The Balance ofPayments, Exchange Rates and Business
Government Economic Policy and Business
Business and Society
Business Strategy and External influences
Economic Growth and Business
The European Union and Business
31 International Competitiveness and Business
32 Globalisation and Business
33 Business Ethics
34 Corporate Responsibiity
Business and the Environment
Secon 4 Accounting and finance S? CDsts, Revenue and Profit
ng Cost and Profit Data
tion 3 Marketing What is Marketing? Marketing Research
Market Segmentation
Marketing Objectives
The Marketing Mix
41 The Product
42 Pricing - the Influence ofDemand
43 Pricing - Influencing the Market Promotion Above thc Line
Promotion Below the Line Pbcement - Distributing the Product arketing Planning and Budgeting 4lHarketing Strategy ernationa1 Marketing np1ing

54 Break-Even
55 The Profit and Loss Account
56 The Balance Sheet
57 Sources ofFunds
58 Uses of Funds
59 Cash Flow
60 Working Capital
61 Budgcting
62 Business Transactions and Accounting Conventions
63 The Valuation ofAssets
64 lnvestment Appraisal
65 Applications ofBrcak-Even Analysis
66 Budgetary Control
67 The Compilation of Accounts
68 Investigating the Accounts - Ratio Analysis
69 Investigating the Accounts - Valuation and Manipulation
Section 5 People in organisations
70 FormaI Organisation
71 Motivation at Work
72 Motivation in Practice - Financial Rewards
73 Motivation in Practice - Non-Financial Rewards
74 Management and Leadership
75 Human Resources Planning
76 Recruitment
77 Selection
78 Appointment and Termination
79 Induction, Training and Appraisal
80 Equal Opportunities
81 Protection at Work
82 Communication in Business
83 Individuals in Organisations
84 Groups and Teams in Business Organisations
85 Representation at Work
86 Resolving Con flict at Work
87 Industrial Action
88 Managing Human Resources
89 The Management of Change
Section 6 Operations management
90 Production
91 Methods of Production
92 Iean Production
93 Thc Size of the Business
94 Purchasing and Stock Control
95 Quality
96 Efficiency
97 Resources and Waste
98 introducing New Technology
99 Product Design and Research & Development
100 Where to Locate the Business
101 Mergers and Takeovers
102 Efficiency and Strategy
103 Operations Management Techniques I
104 Operations Management Techniques 2
105 Study skills
106 Assessment
index 765
752 ‘

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Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 568 Langue : EN

Auteurs : Tony Outhart, Lindsley Taylor, R. Barker, N Procte Editeur : OUTHART Edition : 01/01/2000

ISBN : 0-00-329110-3 Code-barre: 9780003291100
Format : H x L (en cm) Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 0.00
Description : Collins Advanced Vocational Leisure and recreation is an
up-to-date resource, written for die 2000 speciflcations. aid covers ail six compulsory units. It is designed to help you get the most out of your course.
Compiled by a team of experts, tjlS clear and accessible book will give you.the opport4u .$o build your portfolio and
assessment work ttweugh ng features:
f’ • activities designed to build towards the unit assessment
• case studies based on real-life working practices
• thought-provoking articles and internet extracts (webstrïi
• a Build Your Learning section
• a resource and internet directory
This book is a must for anyone studying for the full, single or part award Vocational A-Level in Leisure and Recreation (formerly Advanced GNVQ).

Sommaire : Contents
Acknowledgements iv
Author biographies viii
Unit 1: Investigating leisure
and recreation 2
Unit 2: Safe working practices 88
Unit 3: The sports industry 144
Unit 4: Marketing in leisure and recreation 232
Unit 5: Customer service in leisure and recreation 314
Unit 6: Leisure and recreation in action 396
Portfolio assessments 454
Customer services evaluation proforma 460
Answers to activities 461
Resource and internet directory 463
Index 467

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FICHE DU LIVRE D'OCCASION : RSA Typing and Word Processing book

Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 568 Langue : EN
RSA Typing and Word Processing book Ideal for NVQ levels 1 & 2

Auteurs : Margaret Rees-Boughton Editeur : HEINEMANN - RSA examination board Edition : 01/01/1993

ISBN : 0 435 45210 X Code-barre: 9780435452100
Format : H x L (en cm) Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 9.00
Description : Livre maintenant assez ancien, en anglais. Exercices pour la formation à la frappe (saisie) de courrier par les secretaires dans l'enseignement professionnel.

Su ccessf u I typing and word processing for work
RSA Typing and Word Processiiig Book brings an exciting new way of learning keyboard skills to your fingertips! It doesn’t matter if you are learning on a word processor or a typewriter, this book caters for ail your needs aric] it’s been written by RSA Examinations Board, the acknowledged experts.
Once into the Keyboard Section you’li be typing complete words and sentences sooner than you thought possible. By the time you finish learning the keyboard you will already be able to lay out simple letters and tables.
Each Section of the book prepares you fora new level of RSA exam — from Core Text Processing up to Stage Il Typewriting Skills and Word Processing. Ail the assignments you have to type are work-related and can be used as evidence for NVQ Document Production. Speed and accuracy, the twin demands of most employers, are developed together from the start.
RSA Typing and Word Processing Book provides you with:
I preparation for RSA and other exams
I document production for NVQ Business Administration levels 1 and 2
I practice in efficient and accurate text processing for the office

Sommaire : Introduction
The Keyboard
Learning the keyboard; simple letters and memos
Assignments -
Section One
Finger reviews and copying practice; error spotting; typing the date; text amendments; speNing and abbreviations; enciosures; filhng gaps; centring; coiumns; special marks; justifying; making corrections; typing on forms; style guides for letters and memos; in-tray exercises
Section Two
Post-dating; speNing and punctuating; highhghting; sorting and rearranging; proofreading; error spotting and correcting; foNowing instruction ail through a piece of work; setting tabs; ruhng tables; continuation sheets; measurements
Photocopiable Sheets
Section Three
Error Clinic

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Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 568 Langue : EN
The essentials of EDEXCEL MATHS Linear specification A (1387) Higher Tier

Auteurs : H. Rees and P. Wharton Editeur : LONSDALE Revision Guides Edition : 01/01/2004

ISBN : 1-903068-98-3 Code-barre: 9781903068984
Format : A4 Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 4.00
Description : revision guide covers the EDEXCEL GCSE FHEMATICS: SPECIFICATION A (1387) and as 1 5 matched meticulous(y to this specification. rything you need to know 15 contained within guide, but just as importantly, there is no erfluous material.
contributors to this guide are former or current SE examiners and have used their considerable erience to produce clear, easy to foltow lanations and exam style examples.
Ily this guide should be used with its associated kbook to provide a superb GCSE resource at an elievable price. Each page of the workbook :ches the revision guide page for page and sists of structured questions with spaces for wers, plus extension questions. Details of the kbook and our other mathematics guides can round on the back and inside cover.

Consultant Editor:
John Proctor B.Sc. (Hons), Cert.
Director ot Specialist College,
St. Mary’s Catholic High School,
(An 11-18 Specialist Mathematics and Computing College)
Kay Chawner Formerly a mathematics teacher at The Ridgeway School, Swindon.
*Although this guide is intended for candidates following the linear specification, t can also be used by candidates following the MODULAR R (1388) specification

Sommaire : lace Value
ounding Numbers
lumbers 1
Jumbers 2
9tegers 1
ntegers 2
Jpper and Lower Rounds
Estimating and Checking
Drder 0f Operations
Powers 1
Powers 2
Standard Index Form
Fractions 1
Fractions 2
Calculations Involving Fractions
Decimals 1
Decimals 2
Multiplication of Decimals
Division of Decimals
Percentages 1
Percenlages 2
Percentages 3
Converting Setween Systems
Everyday Maths 1
Everyday Maths 2
Ratio and Proportion 1
Ratio and Proportion 2
Exponential Growth and Decay
The Basics of Algebra
Brackets and Factorisation
Solving Linear Equations I
Solving Linear Equations 2
Formulae 1
Formulae 2
Quadratic Expressions 1
Quadratic Expressions 2
Quadratic Equations 1
Quadratic Equations 2
Quadratic Equations 3
Trial and Improvement
Number Patterns & Sequences 1
Number Patterns & Sequences 2
Graphs of Linear Functions 1
Graphs of Linear Functions 2

50 Graphs of Linear Functions 3
51 Three Special Graphs
52 Linear nequalities 1
53 Linear Inequalities 2
54 Simultaneous Equations 1
55 Simultaneous Equations 2
56 Simultaneous Equations 3
57 Simultaneous Equations 4
58 Graphs of Quadratic Functions 1
59 Graphs of Quadratic Functions 2
60 Graphs of Other Functions 1
61 Graphs of Other Functions 2
62 Graphs ot Other Functions 3
63 Transformations of Functions 1
64 Transformations of Functions 2
65 Other Graphs 1
66 Other Graphs 2
67 Direct and Inverse Proportion
Shape, Space
and Measures
68 Angles
69 Triangles
70 Types of Triangle
71 Quadrilaterals
72 Irregular Polygoris
73 Regular Polygons
74 Congruence ami Tessellation
75 Similanty
76 Pythagoras’ Theorem 1
77 Pythagoras’ Theorem 2
78 Trigonometry 1
79 Trigonometry 2
80 Trigonometry 3
81 Problems lnvolving 3-D Figures 1
82 Problems Involving 3-D Figures 2
83 The Sine Rule
84 The Cosine Rule
85 Transformations 1
86 Transformijons 2
87 Transformations 3
88 Transformations 4
89 Transformations 5
90 Transformations 6
91 Coordinates 1
92 Coordinates 2
93 Vectors 1
94 Vectors 2
95 Vector Geometry

Circumference of a Circle
Area 1
,Area 2
Area 3
Volume 1
Volume 2
Similar Figures
3-D Shapes 1
3-D Shapes 2
Symmetry 1
Symmetry 2
Scale Drawings & Map Scales
Measuring Bearings
Converting Measurements
Compound Measures
Constructions 1
Constructions 2
114 Properties of Circles 1
115 Properties of Circ!es 2
116 Properties of Circles 3
Handiing Data
117 Probability 1
118 Probabilily 2
119 Ustng Ail Outcomes
120 Tœe Diagrams 1
121 Tree Diagrams 2
122 Relative Frequency
123 Collecting Data 1
124 Collecting Data 2
125 Sorting Data 1
126 Sorting Data 2
127 Sorting Data 3
128 Displaying Data 1
129 Displaying Data 2
130 Displaying Data 3
131 Histograms
132 Scatter Diagrams 1
133 Scatter Diagrams 2
134 Pie Charts
135 Mean, Median, Mode & Range 1
136 Mean, Median, Mode & Range 2
137 Mean, Median, Mode & Range 3
138 Cumulative Frequency 1
139 Cumulative Frequency 2
Using a Scientific Calculator
143 Index

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FICHE DU LIVRE D'OCCASION : Information and communication technology

Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 568 Langue : EN
Information and communication technology GNVQ - Intermediate - for the 2000 standards

Auteurs : Molly Wischhusen, janet Snell, Andrew Scales Editeur : Heinemann Edition : 01/01/2000

ISBN : 0-435-45281-1 Code-barre: 9780435452858
Format : H x L (en cm) Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 0.00
Description : Introduction
Welcorne to your GNVQ Intermediate programme of study, which is equivalent w approximarely 4 GCSEs ar grade C or above. This book has been written to help you achieve your GNVQ Diploma in Information afid Communication Technology (ICT), a course directed towards the acquisition ami improvement of skills which are related to the business and computing world. 1f you are prepared w work hard and are really interested in ICT, you will find the course an excellent introduction to a subject which is increasingly central to every type of business. k may be a stepping stone w higher level courses or set you on the parh for a career in many industries.
To be successful you must complete die three compulsory units plus n leasr three optional units.
The compulsory units are:
1 Presenting Information
2 Handling Information
3 Hardware and Software
Depending on which awarding body your school/college is
registered with, the optional units are:
Edexcel Foundation OCR AQA
4 Design Project 4 Design Project 4 Design Project
5 Information 5 Communicating 5 Cornmunicating
kesources witl, Multimedia with Multimedia
6 Graphics 6 Graphies and Desktop 6 Graphics and Desktop
7 Multimedia Publishing Publishing
8 Networks and 7 Numerical Modelling 7 Nunierical Modellirig
Communication using Spreadsheets using Spreacisheets
9 Modelling Numerical 8 Databases 8 Databases
Information 9 Monitoring and Control 9 Monitoring anci Control
10 DanbaseThniques Systems Systems
and Applications 10 Networks and 10 Data Communications
II Programming Communications and Networks
12 Computer Aided Design II Programming H Programming
12 Impact of ICT on 12 Impact of ICT on
Society Society
Units 1,5 and 8 are Units 3,6 and 9 are Units 3,6 and 9 are
externally assessed. externally assessed. externally assessed.

Sommaire : Contents
Acknowledgements y
Introduction vii
Student guide xi
Preparatorj Unit: Standard wajs of worldng 1
Unit 1 Presenting information 19
1.1 Styles ofwriting and presentarion 20
1.2 Types of information 37
1.3 Document layout and presentation 48
Unit 2 Handting information 63
2.1 Information handling 65
2.2 Database methods 70
2.3 Spreadsheet methods 81
2.4 Hypertext databases 99
Unit 3 Hardware and software 103
3.1 Hardware 104
3.2 Software 118
3.3 Computer programming 125
3.4 Choosing and setting up a system 145
Glossary 155
Index 159

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FICHE DU LIVRE D'OCCASION : GCSE Information and communication technology

Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 568 Langue : EN
GCSE Information and communication technology for OCR specification B

Auteurs : Steve Cushing Editeur : Heinemann Edition : 01/01/2001

ISBN : 0-435-45496-X Code-barre: 9780435454968
Format : H x L (en cm) Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 0.00
Description : GCSE
information and communication technology
Today’s citizens — and that means you! — need tobe equipped with the knowledge and skills that enable thern to take part in a technological societç je today’s world. They need to be able to collect, make sense of and use data. These skills are now as essential as those of numeracy and literacy. This book explores the changes that have taken place and atternpts to take a glirnpse into the future. It will help to pi-epare you for the world of work.
GCSE ICT looks at new technology and the way it is used in different organisations such as:
• the health care services
• the entertajnrnent industry
• the banking and finance industries
• the travel business
• the retail industry.
You will have the opportunity to explore the use made of ICT in these organisations.You witl be able to develop your own ICI skills which will give you a firm grounding in ICT for your career, for lifelong learning and for recreation — because there is fun here too, as well as a good GCSE!

Sommaire : &liting moving pictures — video
dignisers .. 77
Authoring software 77
HeIp sbeet 4. multimedia publishing .. 78
Animation .............. 79
Addingsound 80
Cinema 31
O UseofiCTinthe
bankinq and finance
sector 84
Bank branches of the future 84
Telephone banking 85
Internet banking 86
Mobile phone han king 88
Television banking 90
Auction-type rerailing 90
Threats te traditional hanking ... 90
Changes in working practices 90
Setting up in business — modelling
and simulation software .91
Electronic payment systems .92
Security 96
Surveillance and privacy 98
Using the Internet te obtain
financial information 100
Selling personal information 101
Requirements for connection te the
Data logging systems Modelling and simulation..
o Use of ICT in retailing
Location and gravitv modelling, Manufacturers as customers
(business te business trading)
Changing jobs
ICT in a traditional high Street shop
Using customers te help run the l)USifleSS
After-salcs service impact of computer systems in
retailing on customers, companie employecs ancl society
Global marketing ..
The future
O Designing information
an information system
Systems life cycles — clevelopment of systems and subsystems
Designing a system te satisfy exam requirements
Applications packages, including integrated software
System design
Describing the benefits of using ICT, and any drawbacks
O Use oflCTtoaid
trauel 104
Airfines and trains .. 104
IJsingtheroad .110
Data Iogging and control software .112

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Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 568 Langue : EN
in company Elementary

Auteurs : Simon Clarke Editeur : MACMILLAN Edition : 31/12/1969

ISBN : Code-barre: 9783190028658
Format : H x L (en cm) Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 26.95
Description : through world cf
in company
A fast-paced, multi-level business Engiish course fer professional adults, In Company systematically develops key language skiNs
that reflect the
motivating activities modem business.

Stimulating content
A wide variety of engaging listening and reading texts provide a stimulating context for the introduction and practice of new language.
To see an example of an activity based on a reading text look at page 9.
Practical business skills work Challenging real-world tasks provide learners with skills and language they can immediately use at work. To see an example of realistic business skills work look at pages 20 and 21.
lntegrated lexical syllabus
Learners consolidate and increase their lexical range through word building and collocation tasks. The vocabulary input is reinforced in the additional self-study ‘Lexis links’.
To see an example of work on lexis look at pages 59 anci 60.
Systematic approach to grammar
Grammar s introduced in a practical business context in the units themselves ami comprehensively supplemented in separate self-study ‘Grammar links’, which give further opportunity for study, practice and personalisation.
To see an example of grammar work look at page 77.

• 20 self-contained units organised into four categories:
Survival — learners focus on skills and strategies for dealing with common problems in business life Issues — learners focus on topics of concern to people in their working ives
Connecting — learners acquire language and skills for communication by phone and by e-mail Information — learners learn to exchange information about companies, routines, experiences and other aspects of their working ives
• a self-study section containing grammar work and additional lexis
• tapescripts with highlighted target language
The Teacher’s Book contains
• full teaching notes with further suggestions for classroom exploitation
• interleaved pages from the Student’s Book with overprinted answer keys
• supplementary photocopiable worksheets to recycle
The Student’s Book contains

Sommaire : Livre d'anglais commercial et des affaires

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FICHE DU LIVRE D'OCCASION : New Basis for Business - pre-intermediate

Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 568 Langue : XX
New Basis for Business - pre-intermediate English Im Beruf

Auteurs : david Christie Editeur : CORNELSEN Edition : 01/01/1969

ISBN : 3-464-01889-X Code-barre: 9783464018897
Format : H x L (en cm) Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 0.00
Description : Livre destiné a l'apprentissage de l'anglais commercial Edité en Allemagne, mais tres peu d'allemend pour les exercises (parfois un peu de traduction)
Sommaire : New Basis for Business — Pre-Intermediate ist der erste Baz der neuen zweibandigen Ausgabe des bewhrten Englisch-Grundkurses Basis r Business. Das Lehrwerk wurde fUr wirtschaftsbezogene Englischkurse in der etrieblichen Fortbildung sowie fUr Lernende an Wirtschaftsschulen und Einrichtungen der Erwachsenenbildung entwickelt. Die neue Ausgabe enthàlt aile wesentlichen Eigenschaften der frùheren Ausgabe, wurde aber volikommen neu bearbeitet, um Vernderungen in der modernen Geschftswelt Rechnung zu tragen. Wichtge Merkmale vollstandiges, abgeschlossenes Kursprogramm f r cm Jahr (ca. 30 Doppeistunden) (ibereinstimmung mit den Anforderungen des Common European Framework; fLihrt zu Niveau Bi des CEF Schwerpunkte auf authentischen Situationen mit deutschsprachigen Muttersprachiern, die im internationalen Kontext handeln systematische Entwickiung aller vier Sprachfertigkeiten integriertes Arbeitsbuch fUr selbststândiges, weiterfUhrendes Lernen (SeI,f-study Seiten) Anhang: Grundelemente der Geschâftskorrespondenz, Materialien zur Partnerarbeit, H5rverstehenstexte, chronologisches und aLphabetisches Wi5 rterverzeich n is Bestandteile Ku rsb uch Audio-CD Lôsungsschiùssel zu den SeIf-study-Ubungen Pocket workbook Handreichungen ftr den Unterricht Online-Lehrwerksservice ‘J

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FICHE DU LIVRE D'OCCASION : Basic Skills in English GCSE

Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 568 Langue : EN
Basic Skills in English GCSE

Auteurs : Imelda Pilgrim Editeur : NEAD/AQA Heinemann Edition : 01/01/1998

ISBN : 0-435-10409-8 Code-barre: 9780435104092
Format : H x L (en cm) Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 0.00
Description : 3.ks skills in NEAB GCSE English
-: ‘ilgrZ
Fxnnrr for GCSE English
ilk E NEAB GCSE English is designed to help you get the tiiç pRIe vu can in your GCSE English examination. Written by
ip.c*I Principal Examiner, it shows you what examiners are looking
w6c the mark each paper. The book is full of lively, interesting &..gJ 10 help you practise the skills you need.
ti ji ‘ion-Fiction
Ts section builds your skills in understanding the presentation and
uae of non-fiction texts. it provides lots of practice in responding
. chonsing the right information and wnting about non-fiction.
:..dIfl Poetrv
Ths section builds your skills in responding to poems from the English Leiary Heritage and other cultures and traditions. It provides lots of practice in writing about poetry.
‘ riting
ibis section builds your skills in writing to instruct, argue, persuade, iiform, explain and describe. It provides lots of practice of the type of wnting tasks you will find on your exam papers.
A Test \ourself section afier each main skill so that you cari make sure
*i have understood that section.
Practice exam questions with guidance from the Principal Examiner
S 10 answer them.

Sommaire : Contents
low to use this book (our skills in English
)eveloping your reading and writing skills
• Sectiøn A READING
Reading Non-Fiction Texts
Reading for meaning
Thinking about_presentation
Looking at language
Choosing the right material
Reading Petry
Thinking about meanlng
Thinking about presentation
Looking at language
Choosing the right material
Writing to instruct
Writing to persuade
Writing to argue
Writing to inform
Writing to explain
Writing to describe
48 56
117 b
119 b
Section C
aper 1
am Practice — Foundation Tier Paper 1 The examiner comments
Paper 2
Exam Practice — Foundation Tier Paper 2
The examiner comments
Sample Paper 1 — Foundation Tier
Sample Paper2—FoundationTier _____

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Type de document : Livres Catégorie : 568 Langue : EN
MATHEMATICS for AQA GCSE Intermediate Tier

Auteurs : Tony Banks and David Alcorn Editeur : CPL Edition : 01/01/2003

ISBN : 1-902796-24-1 Code-barre: 9781902796246
Format : H x L (en cm) Poids : Tarif postal :
Prix neuf : 0.00
Description : (from United Kingdom/England) Gros livre de mathématiques niveau GCSE (2nde)

thematicsforAQA GCSE - Intermediate Tier has been written b meet the requirements of National Curriculum and provides full coverage of AQA Specification A and
A Specification B (Modular).
book is suitable for students preparing for assessment at the Intermediate Tier of entry on either a car or 2-year course or as a revision text.
)reparing die text, full account has been made of thc requirements for students to be able to solve blems in mathematics both with and without a calculator. Whilst there has been no artificial division ubject content mb calculator and non-calculator work, non-calculator questions and exercises have n incorporated throughout the book where appropriate.
planning of topics within chapters and sections has been designed b provide efficient eoverage of specifications. Depending on how the book is to be used you can best decide on the order in which pters are studied.
ipters 1 - 11 Number
Lpters 12 - 19 Algebra
Lpters 20 - 33 Shape, Space and Measures
Lpters 34 - 40 Handiing Data
h chapter consisis of fully worked examples with explanatory notes and commentary; fùlly graded questions, a summary of key facts and skills and a review exercise.
review excrcises provide the opportunity to consolidate topics introduced within the chapter and sist of exam-style questions, which retlect how AQA assess the work, plus lots of past examination stions (marked AQA).
her opportunities to consolidatc skills acquired over a number of chapters are provided with section ews. There is a final exam questions section with a further compilation of exam and exam-style stions, organised for non-calculator and calculator practice, in preparation for the exams.
ie chapters include ideas for investigational, practical and statistical tasks and give the student the rtunity w improve and practice their skills of using and applying mathematics.
flEuhe book has been designed so that it can be used in conjunction with ffie companion book
Mathematies for AQA GCSE - Student Support Book: Intermediate Tier
WithoutAnswers: ISBN 1-902 796-35-7
With Answers: ISBN 1-902796-51-9

Sommaire : extrait
Units of measurement
Changing from one marie unit te another
Estimating with sensible units using suitable degrees of accuracy
Marie and imperial conversions
Discrete anti continuons measures
A doser look nÉ continnous quantities
Dimensions and formujae
What you need to know
[Collection ond Orgoniscttion of Dotc;0]
Pnmaryandsecondary data
Collection of data
Two-way tables
What you need to know
Bar charts
Bar-hue graphs
Compari ng data
Pie charts
Drawing pie charts
Interpreting pie charts
Back 10 back stem and leaf diagrams
What you need to know

Presentation of Data 2
Time series
Seasonal variation
Moving averagcs
Moving average graphs
Frequency diagrams
Frequency polygons
Misleading graphs
Whal you need to know
Scafter Graphs
Scatter graphs
Line of best fit
( uIaveFrequen
Cumulative frequency tables
Cumulative frequeiicy graph.
Using a cumulative frequency graph
Another look at cumulative frequency graphs
Comparing distributions
Box plols
What you need to know
What is prohahility?
l’n)hLhilit aiid ihe probability scale ___________ (‘alculaling prohahilities using equally likely outcornes
ls(iinating prohabihties using relative frequcncy MuiuuIly exclusive events
‘l’he piiihahility of an event not happening (‘oinhining (Wo eveflLs lndcpndcnt evenis
Llsiiig trec l g iiflst0 work nul prL)hIhilil es ‘hnt you need to know

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Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
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Procès et affaires de Justice    Procès et affaires de Justice affaires    affaires affaires    affaires AFRIQUE    AFRIQUE Afrique du Sud RSA    Afrique du Sud RSA Agriculture    Agriculture AIN    AIN ALASKA    ALASKA ALBANIE    ALBANIE ALGERIE    ALGERIE Algérie Française    Algérie Française Allemagne    Allemagne Allemand    Allemand ALLIER    ALLIER Alpes de Haute-Provence    Alpes de Haute-Provence Alpes-Maritimes    Alpes-Maritimes ALSACE    ALSACE Alsatia - SAFARI SIGNE DE PISTE    Alsatia - SAFARI SIGNE DE PISTE Amerique centrale - Antilles - Caraïbes    Amerique centrale - Antilles - Caraïbes Amerique du Sud    Amerique du Sud Amérique du Sud    Amérique du Sud AMERIQUES    AMERIQUES ANDALOUSIE    ANDALOUSIE Andorre    Andorre Anglais    Anglais anglais    anglais Anglais-commercial-et-professionnel    Anglais-commercial-et-professionnel Animaux    Animaux animaux    animaux ANIMAUX    ANIMAUX Animaux : mammifères    Animaux : mammifères ANJOU    ANJOU annabac 1Er L,ES,S    annabac 1Er L,ES,S AQUITAINE    AQUITAINE Arabe    Arabe Archeologie    Archeologie Architecture    Architecture ARCTIQUE-ANTARCTIQUE POLES    ARCTIQUE-ANTARCTIQUE POLES ARDECHE    ARDECHE ARGENTINE    ARGENTINE Ariege - en Midi-Pyrenees    Ariege - en Midi-Pyrenees Armenie    Armenie ARMES-MILITARIA    ARMES-MILITARIA artisanat    artisanat ARTS et artistes    ARTS et artistes Arts et artistes    Arts et artistes Arts et musées en Italie - Italian art    Arts et musées en Italie - Italian art Arts martiaux    Arts martiaux Arts plastiques    Arts plastiques Arts plastiques    Arts plastiques ASIE    ASIE ASSE    ASSE astrologie    astrologie Astronomie    Astronomie Australie    Australie Automobiles    Automobiles Autriche    Autriche AUVERGNE    AUVERGNE Aventures    Aventures Aveyron    Aveyron Avions et transport aérien    Avions et transport aérien B.T.S. DIETETICIENNE    B.T.S. DIETETICIENNE Bande Dessinée    Bande Dessinée Bandes dessinées    Bandes dessinées BD-anciennes-collection    BD-anciennes-collection beaux arts décoratifs    beaux arts décoratifs BELGIQUE    BELGIQUE Bénin    Bénin BERLIN    BERLIN Bibliotheque de l'amitie    Bibliotheque de l'amitie Bibliotheque-rose    Bibliotheque-rose BIEN-ETRE    BIEN-ETRE Bières et Brasseries    Bières et Brasseries Biographie    Biographie Biographies, personnages et histoire    Biographies, personnages et histoire Biography-English-books    Biography-English-books Birmanie    Birmanie Bob Morane    Bob Morane Bosnie    Bosnie BOSNIE    BOSNIE Bouches-du-Rhone    Bouches-du-Rhone BOURGOGNE    BOURGOGNE BRESIL    BRESIL Brésilien    Brésilien Bretagne    Bretagne Breton    Breton BRICOLAGE    BRICOLAGE BULGARE    BULGARE BULGARIE    BULGARIE Calendriers, agendas    Calendriers, agendas CALIFORNIE    CALIFORNIE Calvados    Calvados Cambodge    Cambodge CANADA    CANADA CANARIES    CANARIES CANTAL    CANTAL Carrelage    Carrelage Cartes routieres et plans    Cartes routieres et plans CENTRE    CENTRE Champagne    Champagne Charentes    Charentes Chasse    Chasse Chasse    Chasse Chemin de fer - Trains    Chemin de fer - Trains CHER    CHER Chiens    Chiens CHINE    CHINE Chinois    Chinois COEURS-VAILLANTS    COEURS-VAILLANTS COEURS-VAILLANTS-Ames-Vaillantes    COEURS-VAILLANTS-Ames-Vaillantes Coiffure    Coiffure collection : la bibliothèque des découvertes    collection : la bibliothèque des découvertes Collection HEURE NOIRE    Collection HEURE NOIRE Collections    Collections Commerce - Marketing - Publicite    Commerce - Marketing - Publicite Communication secrétariat    Communication secrétariat COMPTABILITE - GESTION - FINANCES    COMPTABILITE - GESTION - FINANCES Concours    Concours CONGO    CONGO Conjugaison    Conjugaison Construction et restauration de maisons    Construction et restauration de maisons contemporain    contemporain Corées ( Corée du Nord et Corée du Sud )    Corées ( Corée du Nord et Corée du Sud ) Cornish-Cornouailles    Cornish-Cornouailles Cornwall-Cornouailles    Cornwall-Cornouailles CORSE    CORSE Costa Brava    Costa Brava Cote d'Ivoire    Cote d'Ivoire COURS-DE-DESSIN-ET-PEINTURE    COURS-DE-DESSIN-ET-PEINTURE COURS-DE-DESSIN-ET-PEINTURE    COURS-DE-DESSIN-ET-PEINTURE Création d'entreprise    Création d'entreprise Creation-d-entreprise-Tourisme-chambres-d-hotes-et-gites    Creation-d-entreprise-Tourisme-chambres-d-hotes-et-gites Creole    Creole Croate    Croate Croatie    Croatie Cuba    Cuba Cuisine    Cuisine Cuisine et recettes, alimentation, vins    Cuisine et recettes, alimentation, vins CURIOSA - EROTIQUES    CURIOSA - EROTIQUES CYCLISME    CYCLISME Danemark    Danemark Danois    Danois Dauphiné    Dauphiné Decoration    Decoration Decoration    Decoration DEPANNAGE ELECTROMENAGER    DEPANNAGE ELECTROMENAGER Département du Nord    Département du Nord Dessin industriel - et - mecanique    Dessin industriel - et - mecanique DEUX-SEVRES    DEUX-SEVRES DICTIONNAIRES DIVERS    DICTIONNAIRES DIVERS DICTIONNAIRES ET LANGUES    DICTIONNAIRES ET LANGUES DNL-et-livres-scolaires-en-langue-etrangere-Anglais    DNL-et-livres-scolaires-en-langue-etrangere-Anglais DOM-TOM et Outre-Mer    DOM-TOM et Outre-Mer Dordogne    Dordogne DOUBS    DOUBS Droit    Droit Drôme    Drôme Ecologie-consommation    Ecologie-consommation ECONOMIE    ECONOMIE economie    economie Ecosse    Ecosse Ecrans    Ecrans Eduation Physique    Eduation Physique éducatio physique    éducatio physique Egypte    Egypte Egypte    Egypte encyclopedie    encyclopedie Encyclopedies contemporaines    Encyclopedies contemporaines English-books-Business-entreprise    English-books-Business-entreprise English-books-Famous-Five    English-books-Famous-Five English-books-Thriller    English-books-Thriller entreprise    entreprise entreprise    entreprise Entreprises    Entreprises Environnement, géologie, biologie    Environnement, géologie, biologie Equitation    Equitation ESCRIME    ESCRIME ESPAGNE    ESPAGNE Espagnol    Espagnol Espagnol    Espagnol espagnol    espagnol espagnol    espagnol essonne    essonne Estonie    Estonie ETHIOPIE    ETHIOPIE EURE-ET-LOIR    EURE-ET-LOIR Europe    Europe ex-Yougoslavie    ex-Yougoslavie Exploits légendaires    Exploits légendaires Faits divers    Faits divers Fantastique    Fantastique FANTASTIQUE    FANTASTIQUE Fantastiques    Fantastiques FICTION HISTORIQUE    FICTION HISTORIQUE Finistere 29    Finistere 29 Finlande    Finlande Finois (Finlandais)    Finois (Finlandais) FLE-Francais-Langue-Etrangere    FLE-Francais-Langue-Etrangere FLORIDE    FLORIDE Foot-Ball    Foot-Ball formation    formation FRANCAIS    FRANCAIS Français - Langue étrangère    Français - Langue étrangère FRANCE    FRANCE franchise    franchise GAELIC    GAELIC GARD    GARD Généalogie    Généalogie Géographie    Géographie geographie    geographie Géorgie    Géorgie Gers    Gers Gironde    Gironde Grande-Bretagne Royaume-Uni    Grande-Bretagne Royaume-Uni Grec    Grec GRECE    GRECE Guerre 1914-1918    Guerre 1914-1918 Guerre 1939-1945 World-War 2    Guerre 1939-1945 World-War 2 Guerre d'Algerie    Guerre d'Algerie Guerre d'Espagne    Guerre d'Espagne Guerre et soldats    Guerre et soldats Guides juridiques    Guides juridiques GYMNASTIQUE    GYMNASTIQUE harlequin    harlequin Haute-Garonne    Haute-Garonne HAUTE-LOIRE    HAUTE-LOIRE Haute-Savoie    Haute-Savoie Hautes-Alpes    Hautes-Alpes Hautes-Pyrénées    Hautes-Pyrénées HAUTS-de-SEINE    HAUTS-de-SEINE HAWAI'I    HAWAI'I Hébreu    Hébreu Hébreu    Hébreu Hérault    Hérault HISTOIRE    HISTOIRE Histoire de France avant 1789    Histoire de France avant 1789 HISTOIRE DE FRANCE XXème siècle    HISTOIRE DE FRANCE XXème siècle Histoire du XXème Siècle    Histoire du XXème Siècle Histoire, soldats et biographies    Histoire, soldats et biographies histoire-de-la-population    histoire-de-la-population Hollande Pays-Bas    Hollande Pays-Bas Hong-Kong    Hong-Kong HONGRIE    HONGRIE Hongrois    Hongrois Humour    Humour HYGIENE-DE-VIE    HYGIENE-DE-VIE Ile de de La Réunion    Ile de de La Réunion Ille-et-Vilaine    Ille-et-Vilaine Imagiers - livres pour les tout petits    Imagiers - livres pour les tout petits Inde    Inde Indiens    Indiens INDOCHINE et extreme-orient    INDOCHINE et extreme-orient Indochine et présence francaise en extrème orient    Indochine et présence francaise en extrème orient Indonesie    Indonesie Indonésien    Indonésien INDRE    INDRE Informatique    Informatique Informatique    Informatique Informatique    Informatique Informatique - logiciels et internet - programmation    Informatique - logiciels et internet - programmation inquisition-espagnloe    inquisition-espagnloe Insectes    Insectes Internet    Internet IRAK    IRAK IRAN    IRAN IRAN    IRAN IRLANDE    IRLANDE IRLANDE    IRLANDE ISERE    ISERE Islandais    Islandais ISLANDE    ISLANDE ISRAEL    ISRAEL ITALIE    ITALIE Italien    Italien JAPON    JAPON Japonais    Japonais JEUX-RPG    JEUX-RPG Jordanie    Jordanie JURA    JURA JURA FRANCHE-COMTE    JURA FRANCHE-COMTE KOWEIT    KOWEIT L'école des loisirs    L'école des loisirs La boite a outils    La boite a outils LA REUNION    LA REUNION La révolution française    La révolution française LA-GRANDE-AVENTURE-DE-LA-MER    LA-GRANDE-AVENTURE-DE-LA-MER Languedoc    Languedoc LANGUEDOC-ROUSSILLON    LANGUEDOC-ROUSSILLON Langues et dialectes d'Afrique    Langues et dialectes d'Afrique Laos    Laos LE-TRAGING    LE-TRAGING LECON-DE-DE-COURAGE    LECON-DE-DE-COURAGE Lectures classiques    Lectures classiques légendes    légendes légendes    légendes les océans la mer    les océans la mer Les Petites Découvertes de Moustilou    Les Petites Découvertes de Moustilou LIBAN    LIBAN LIMOUSIN    LIMOUSIN Linux    Linux lithotherapie    lithotherapie Littérature    Littérature Littérature américaine    Littérature américaine Littérature classique    Littérature classique LITTERATURE-FANTASTIQUE    LITTERATURE-FANTASTIQUE litterature-fantastique    litterature-fantastique LITTERATURE-SENTIMENTALE    LITTERATURE-SENTIMENTALE Lituanie    Lituanie livre de poche    livre de poche livre philosophique    livre philosophique livre trés anciens    livre trés anciens LIVRE-ANCIEN    LIVRE-ANCIEN Livres    Livres Livres anciens    Livres anciens livres anciens    livres anciens Livres anciens entre 1700 et 1799    Livres anciens entre 1700 et 1799 Livres anciens entre 1800 et 1899    Livres anciens entre 1800 et 1899 Livres pour enfants    Livres pour enfants LIVRES SCOLAIRES    LIVRES SCOLAIRES LIVRES SCOLAIRES ANCIENS    LIVRES SCOLAIRES ANCIENS Livres sur la résistance    Livres sur la résistance LIVRES-ANCIENS    LIVRES-ANCIENS Livres-anciens-reedition    Livres-anciens-reedition Livres-sur-la-BD-les-dessinateurs-et-l-histoire-de-la-bande-    Livres-sur-la-BD-les-dessinateurs-et-l-histoire-de-la-bande- LOGICIELS    LOGICIELS Logiciels de Bureautique    Logiciels de Bureautique LOIRE    LOIRE Loire-Atlantique    Loire-Atlantique Loiret    Loiret LOISIRS    LOISIRS Loisirs et nature    Loisirs et nature Londres    Londres LORRAINE    LORRAINE Lorraine    Lorraine Lot - Quercy    Lot - Quercy Luxembourg    Luxembourg LYON    LYON MADAGASCAR    MADAGASCAR MALAIS-ET-MALAISIEN    MALAIS-ET-MALAISIEN MALDIVES    MALDIVES Malte    Malte Maroc    Maroc Martine    Martine Mathématiques    Mathématiques Matiers-et-industries    Matiers-et-industries Mayenne    Mayenne MAYOTTE    MAYOTTE MEDECINE SANTE    MEDECINE SANTE medium    medium Métiers    Métiers MEXIQUE    MEXIQUE Midi-Pyrénées    Midi-Pyrénées Mines    Mines Missionnaires-et-personnages    Missionnaires-et-personnages MISSIONNAIRES-SAINTS-PERSONNAGES-RELIGIEUX    MISSIONNAIRES-SAINTS-PERSONNAGES-RELIGIEUX MODE-D-EMPLOI-ET-NOTICES-TECHNIQUE-D-APPAREILS    MODE-D-EMPLOI-ET-NOTICES-TECHNIQUE-D-APPAREILS Monde - Planète et plusieurs continents    Monde - Planète et plusieurs continents MONGOLIE    MONGOLIE Montagne : les Alpes    Montagne : les Alpes Morbihan    Morbihan MOSCOU    MOSCOU MOSELLE    MOSELLE MOYEN-ORIENT    MOYEN-ORIENT Multi-matières    Multi-matières Musique, musiciens, instruments et partitions    Musique, musiciens, instruments et partitions Nature    Nature Neerlandais    Neerlandais NEPAL    NEPAL NIGERIA    NIGERIA Non classés en attente de classement    Non classés en attente de classement NORD - PAS DE CALAIS    NORD - PAS DE CALAIS Normandie    Normandie Normandie    Normandie Norvège    Norvège Norvégien    Norvégien Notices techniques d'appareils    Notices techniques d'appareils NOUVELLE CALEDONIE    NOUVELLE CALEDONIE NOUVELLE-CALEDONIE    NOUVELLE-CALEDONIE OCEANIE    OCEANIE OEUVRES-COMPLETES    OEUVRES-COMPLETES OEUVRES-COMPLETES-    OEUVRES-COMPLETES- Oise    Oise OSS 117 Jean BRUCE    OSS 117 Jean BRUCE Ouganda    Ouganda OUTRE-MER    OUTRE-MER PAKISTAN    PAKISTAN Paraguay    Paraguay parapsychologie    parapsychologie PARIS    PARIS Patrimoine et monuments    Patrimoine et monuments Pays Basque    Pays Basque Pays Basque    Pays Basque PAYS-DE-LOIRE    PAYS-DE-LOIRE PCM1 (médecine)    PCM1 (médecine) Pêche    Pêche Pédagogie    Pédagogie Pédagogie-Formation    Pédagogie-Formation Peintres, dessinateurs, tableaux, ...    Peintres, dessinateurs, tableaux, ... penture sur metal    penture sur metal Pérou    Pérou philosophie    philosophie philosophie    philosophie Philosophie, réflexions et idées    Philosophie, réflexions et idées PHOTOGRAPHIE    PHOTOGRAPHIE Piano    Piano Picardie    Picardie Pièces de théâtre    Pièces de théâtre PIERROT    PIERROT Planche à Voile    Planche à Voile Plantes et jardinage    Plantes et jardinage Plongée    Plongée Plongée sous-marine - Sports subquatiques    Plongée sous-marine - Sports subquatiques Poésie    Poésie Poissons    Poissons POITOU-CHARENTES    POITOU-CHARENTES policier    policier policier thriller    policier thriller Policiers    Policiers Politique    Politique Pologne    Pologne Polonais    Polonais Polynésie - Tahiti    Polynésie - Tahiti Portugais    Portugais PORTUGAL    PORTUGAL Premiers-secours-First-aid    Premiers-secours-First-aid préparation aux concours    préparation aux concours Préparation de CONCOURS et EXAMENS    Préparation de CONCOURS et EXAMENS Presse-edition-et-magazines    Presse-edition-et-magazines Provence-Alpes-Cote D'AZUR    Provence-Alpes-Cote D'AZUR PSYCHOLOGIE    PSYCHOLOGIE PSYCHOLOGIE    PSYCHOLOGIE Psychologie Relations sociales    Psychologie Relations sociales PUY-DE-DOME en Auvergne    PUY-DE-DOME en Auvergne Pyrenees    Pyrenees Quebec    Quebec Randonnee    Randonnee RECITS HISTOIRE ET BIOGRAPHIES    RECITS HISTOIRE ET BIOGRAPHIES Recits-Vecu-Souvenirs    Recits-Vecu-Souvenirs recueil-de-chants    recueil-de-chants Réflexions philosophiques    Réflexions philosophiques région Nord-Pas-de-Calais    région Nord-Pas-de-Calais Région Parisienne - ILE-DE-FRANCE    Région Parisienne - ILE-DE-FRANCE Région Pays de Loire    Région Pays de Loire RELIGION    RELIGION République Dominicaine    République Dominicaine Revues - magazines    Revues - magazines Rhone - Lyonnais    Rhone - Lyonnais RHONE-ALPES    RHONE-ALPES roman    roman Roman de guerre    Roman de guerre Roman fantastique- de sciences fictions    Roman fantastique- de sciences fictions Roman-Historique    Roman-Historique Romans    Romans Romans de guerre    Romans de guerre Romans pour enfants : autres collections    Romans pour enfants : autres collections ROMANS-HUMORISTIQUE    ROMANS-HUMORISTIQUE ROMANS-HUMORISTIQUE    ROMANS-HUMORISTIQUE Roumain    Roumain Roumanie    Roumanie ROUSSILLON    ROUSSILLON route66 en HARLEY-DAVDSON    route66 en HARLEY-DAVDSON Russe    Russe RUSSIE - ex-URSS    RUSSIE - ex-URSS RWANDA    RWANDA Sahara et Maghreb    Sahara et Maghreb Saint-Etienne    Saint-Etienne Santé et médecine    Santé et médecine SAS    SAS Savoie    Savoie science-fiction    science-fiction Sciences    Sciences sciences de la vie & de la terre    sciences de la vie & de la terre Sciences et techniques    Sciences et techniques sciences et technologie    sciences et technologie Sciences humaines et psychologie    Sciences humaines et psychologie sciences occultes    sciences occultes Sciences sociales    Sciences sociales sciences-humaines    sciences-humaines Scoutisme    Scoutisme Seine et Marne    Seine et Marne Seine-Maritime    Seine-Maritime SENEGAL    SENEGAL serbe    serbe SERBO-DROATE (Serbe / Croate / Bosnien...)    SERBO-DROATE (Serbe / Croate / Bosnien...) SERIE NOIRE    SERIE NOIRE SERIE NOIRE    SERIE NOIRE services secrets - renseignement et espionage    services secrets - renseignement et espionage SERVICES-SECRETS    SERVICES-SECRETS seuil policier    seuil policier SICILE    SICILE Ski et sports de montagne    Ski et sports de montagne Slovaquie    Slovaquie SLOVAQUIE    SLOVAQUIE Slovénie    Slovénie Société et politique    Société et politique soins-veterinaires    soins-veterinaires SOMME    SOMME spiritisme    spiritisme Sports    Sports SRI-LANKA Ceylan    SRI-LANKA Ceylan SUEDE    SUEDE SUEDOIS    SUEDOIS SUISSE    SUISSE Suspens/ Thriller    Suspens/ Thriller SYRIE    SYRIE Tahiti et Polynésie    Tahiti et Polynésie TAIWAN    TAIWAN tarot    tarot TARZAN    TARZAN TCHAD    TCHAD Tchécoslovaquie - République Tchèque Tchéquie et Slovaquie    Tchécoslovaquie - République Tchèque Tchéquie et Slovaquie TCHEQUE-ET-SLOVAQUE    TCHEQUE-ET-SLOVAQUE Tchéquie - République Tchèque    Tchéquie - République Tchèque Télévision, radio, et médias    Télévision, radio, et médias Tennis    Tennis Territoire de Belfort    Territoire de Belfort Thailande    Thailande Théatre    Théatre Thriller    Thriller thriller    thriller TIBET    TIBET TINTIN    TINTIN TRAITE SCIENCES POLITIQUE    TRAITE SCIENCES POLITIQUE Transport fluvial    Transport fluvial TRANSPORT-LOGISTIQUE    TRANSPORT-LOGISTIQUE TRANSPORTS    TRANSPORTS Transports maritimes - Mer - Voile et bateaux à moteur    Transports maritimes - Mer - Voile et bateaux à moteur Travaux - artisanat    Travaux - artisanat Travaux manuels    Travaux manuels Tunisie    Tunisie Turc    Turc Turquie    Turquie UKRAINE    UKRAINE Un cheval, des chevaux    Un cheval, des chevaux UNION FRANCAISE ALGERIE FRANCAISE AOF ET COLONIES    UNION FRANCAISE ALGERIE FRANCAISE AOF ET COLONIES URUGUAY    URUGUAY USA United States of America    USA United States of America VAR    VAR VAUCLUSE    VAUCLUSE Vendée    Vendée Venezuela    Venezuela Vie quotidienne    Vie quotidienne VIETNAM    VIETNAM VIETNAMIEN    VIETNAMIEN Vins    Vins Vosges    Vosges VOYAGE    VOYAGE Voyages    Voyages Voyages et hébergements    Voyages et hébergements Walt Disney    Walt Disney WRILL-Hebdomadaire-des-Jeunes    WRILL-Hebdomadaire-des-Jeunes YONNE    YONNE Zambie    Zambie ZORRO    ZORRO livre d'occasion guide touristique plan de villes cartes routières et livres scolaires d'occasion neuf livres moitié prix pas cher bouquins anciens ou rares. 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